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KITBASH3D Offering Premium 3D Game Assets For FREE

KITBASH3D is giving away Premium 3D Game Assets for Free while supporting the campaign #BrightArtDarkTimes.

A pretty well-known studio for providing quality assets not just for games but also for films, KITBASH3D has a great library of premium assets covering every genre. The assets served over the website has been used by many game studios, film productions, and has always been the attraction point for the creators to have an eye on. Recently, KITBASH3D announced a campaign #BrightArtDarkTimes in order to support the creators, artists and the communities by providing free access to the KITBASH3D software. This campaign will further help to unite the game creators, artists, hobbyists and the whole community through art.

Supporting the campaign #BrightArtDarkTimes, the Utopia Kit has been set to Free for everyone to use it in their games. Also, several creators from various part of the world have submitted their respective art and visuals using the Utopia Kit.

Check out the creation of great minds.

Get the Free Utopia Kit.

In this worldwide lockdown, several companies have taken forward step to leverage the skills and have been supporting throughout the time. Now it’s an opportunity to grab and build yourself to withstand the real production field. Here are a few resources that could help you in getting started with Game Development.

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