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5 Best Free Platforms to Publish Your Indie Game

Tight on Budget? No worries, Here’s a list of 5 Best Free Platforms to Publish Your Indie Game which could potentially increase your sales.

After spending thousands of hours in the Game Development, now the turn of Marketplace comes into play. As new Indie Game Developers lack the budget, it becomes essential for them to choose the right marketplace to showcase their product. The only possible way to get your product in the spotlight is to release in front of a wider audience who plays your game. This, in turn, can be hectic while searching for free platforms to showcase your game and get some feedback. However, in the stream of Indie Game Platforms, there are a handful of Free and great places where you can sell your Indie Game!

Here are a few Free Platforms to Publish Your Indie Games.

One of the best platforms for Indie Game Developers, is solely dedicated towards the Indie Game Development. With an indie-friendly interface, each developer gets complete ability to customize the game page, revenue split and the price of your game. The game submission is completely free, however, has a well-known feature, Pay What You Want, even if your game is set to free mode. This allows the community to maintain a healthy relationship and eventually help each other to grow. is a great starting point for all the Indie Game Developers to test out their games with the real audience before launching it to a big side.

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Game Jolt

It’s been around 15 years Game Jolt has witnessed a great platform for all the Indie Game Developers. With a free to submit a game, Game Jolt support all the developers with user choice of revenue split. However, Game Jolt reserves around 70% of the ad earnings in your page, you still can pocket 30 % of the revenue generated. It also allows the developer to create their custom page with the support of multiple build targets.

Find out more about Game Jolt here.

A pretty well-known platform for the DRM Free video games and films, is a prime choice for all the Indie Game Developers to get their games to stand out from the crowd. It’s quite easy to get rejected than surpass the approval process from the GOG team. But it is free to publish games in the server with an additional benefit of extended promotion and marketing of the game. It is tough for games to get the approval as the review team accepts a few handfuls of games each month. With a possibility of advance in royalties, Indie Game Developers get huge support from the community for the development of the game. The revenue split is as high as 70-30 and could as low as 60-40.

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Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle is well-known for its wide range of customers and a great place to submit games for free. Every game is reviewed by the Humble Bundle team before the game is set live in the server. With a revenue split of 75-15, Humble Store donates the remaining 10% to the charity. Further, Indie Game Developers get full control on game page customization and with free hosting and 95% of revenue after the taxes + processing fees. With the dedicated game site, you can sell your game directly through it.

Find out more about Humble Bundle here.


Kongregate is one of the strongest game publishing platforms with millions of players and active downloads. Kongregate provides several opportunities to the developers to excel and make their game stand out from the crowd. With a rating heavy system, Kongregate is centred towards pitching the game in the front page has more ratings. However, this is a great way to test any game’s potential with a real user. This gives high chances to every game to be in the featured page for free and gets selected only depending upon the game ratings.

Know more about Kongregate here.

A publishing plan is as essential as developing games. With the correct distribution, channel developers could sell their game with ease and excel in this Game Development Industry. So far we have seen 5 Best Free Platform to Publish your Indie Games and it is a self-choice for all the developers to choose and experiment with. However, it is always recommended to try out all the free platform possible to gain experience.

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