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5 Great Project Management Software in 2020

Here is a list of 5 Great Project Management Software to plan your way and keep you on track throughout your Game Development journey.

The secret of completion of a product is entirely based on the hard work invested with proper planning. A well-planned project eases out the work procedure and gives an overall idea of the project's core. While working on a project it is extremely important to track the progress and list out the essentials according to the priority, this will not only ease out the way of doing things but also it will help to be on the right track. And here comes the role of Project Management Software to simplify the overall work.

The primary work of Project Management Software is to provide a single environment to visualize the entire project easily. This includes all the ideas, blueprints, work to do, bugs, priorities, designs, and so on. However, this software helps the developers to meet their deadlines without any failure while tracking the progress at any possible time. So, here is a list of 5 Great Project Management Software in 2020 which will ease out and organize your Game development process.


Most probably the first software anyone could here when it comes to Project Management Software for Game Development, Trello is based on Kanban and is a great source of information for those who like the concept of “cards of tasks”. With a small learning curve, it fits perfectly for the small Indie Teams with a free version of Trello that contains nearly everything that an indie developer could need. The interface is pretty simple and the card-based system helps the team to get all the information related to the project at a single place. The flexibility of Trello can lead developers to customize every single thing they want with seamless sync throughout the users.

Although the free plan of the Trello is limited to one “Power up” and file size restriction, it still has a greater hand on unlimited users, boards, and cards. However, it has a few limitations in terms of getting an in-depth report and setting up things correctly at first. Being a lightweight software it is primarily good for small indie teams with ease in progress tracking through Kanban card-based management software.

Check out Trello now.


A pretty well known Project Management Software among the Game Developers to gather all the details with an in-depth report in one place. Asana has some of the great features which could help developers to include calendar view, statistics, project view, attachments sections, and so on. With a team-oriented approach, it is a lightweight software to handle all the work entirely cloud-based. The learning curve of the Asana is small and with the simple interface anyone could pick up the software easily. It also includes ascertaining multiple tags that could help the developers to know certain categories whenever they require. Such organizing features help all the developers to quickly get starting with it easily.

This turns out to be a great software for a medium-size team with multiple assets. However, certain elements like unchangeable comments, limitation in task assignment, and flooded with features on the upfront could sometime put the developer into trouble. There is a free version of Asana available for Web, Android, and iOS which you can go on testing your suitable needs.

Get Asana now.


Completely centered towards Game Development, HackNPlan is purely a Project Management Software specifically made for Game Developers. Due to this reason, it is well crafted to categorize each group according to their job titles. The tacking system of HackNPlan is pretty impressive which shows you in detail about the duration it took to complete the specified task, and helps to view the overall task of the project all at once. The reporting tools of this software is a plus feature that helps developers to focus on enhancing their work methodology.

On an overall basis, this is an ideal product for small indie teams with the capability of categorizing roles and tracking the progress of the projects well. The presence of Game Development Documentation in the software itself is also a great point to help developers while making games. But some of the major features are locked behind the Premium pack and the server connection is sometimes very poor. Besides this HackNPlan has a great setup for the pricing of its software use.

Check out HackNPlan for more details.


Basecamp has been over a decade in the market of Project Management Software and has attracted several users towards the ecosystem of it. Ultimately it can be regarded as the one solution for the prime features you get on your fingertips. Not just only task management but also it gets you covered with chat messaging, storage, checklists, calendars, real-time chat services, and so on at one single place.

The User Interface of the Basecamp is completely straightforward and users can find easily everything they need. It also gives you the ability to set your custom notification. The management of clients and the overall management of the project is well taken in this software without any problem. Ideal software for the large teams as it is powerful enough to customize everything that you require to handle such a great team. For example, if it’s a large team and you are not checking on the progress on a daily basis, it could help you by assigning all the members with a set of question which can keep on track of the progress.

Most of the tools available in the software are enough for the use of a particular developer, but the extra needs can be fulfilled by integrating other tools from outside and importing it back to Basecamp. But all these things could be messed up if the management is not done properly. Although the project setup is easy to do in Basecamp, it can get messed up if not done properly. However, the all in one solution it has is a great thing to surely consider.

Find out more about Basecamp.


If the time factor is a major concern for you and you don’t have hours to spend on creating and setting up your project then Wrike could be a great option for you. It’s quite easy to set up the project in Wrike and it has all the same features that you usually find in normal Project Management Software. The easy learning curve could help you to quickly create your first planning of the overall project easily. The tracking tools available in the software is great to track the progress as well as the performance of every team member. The time tracking tool is a helpful feature to let you know about the amount of time you have spent in a particular job.

It has a quite decent collaboration and reporting system that could give you a nice elaboration of the overall work. With the ease in the integration of the other third-party tools, it gives you a greater hand on the way of doing a project according to your own need. The free plan is limited up to certain features and the paid plan could be a bit pricey if we compare to other Project Management software there in the market.

Check out Wrike for more details.

However, there are many such Project Management Software available in the market, but listed here was a few selected Software that will further ease out the Game Development process. It is quite difficult to choose the best one or the right one among all the Project Management Software available, but it can be selected upon the way a team or an individual needs it. Therefore, it is completely a matter of choice to select the right Project Management Software after analyzing the use case and then comparing it well with others available.

Here is a comparison of all the Project Management Software available in the market.

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**VOiD1 Gaming is not sponsored by any of the above companies. This list is in no particular order and preference of the websites are solely dependent on the user interest.**



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