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10 Great Websites for Free Music Assets in 2020

Want Free Music for your Games? Here is a list of 10 Great Websites for Free Music Assets in 2020 for your personal and commercial projects.

It’s quite a known fact for every solo indie developer that there are many hurdles and difficulties faced during Game Development and specifically there's the burden of Asset Creation. In the previous article, we covered 5 Great Websites for Free Graphics Asset which potentially boosted several developers to get free graphics assets for their personal and commercial game. Besides graphics, we all know the importance of Sound Effects and music in a game, even we are pretty aware of the fact that it takes a good music sense before implementing anything to the game. So here is a list of 10 Free Websites for Music Assets in 2020 which you can instantly implement in your personal as well as commercial projects.


One of the most well-known place for the game developers and film producers to get their right music for games, Digccmixtere serves high-quality content. The assets from the Digccmixter has been used over 1 million games and music and the count is still on. All the music and sound effects present over the website are complete royalty-free which means you can use them in any of your personal and commercial projects with the artist attribution. You can select over a wide range of choices from the mood and genre of game and can use them instantly in your project. This website gets completely refreshed with new content from the music creators each day which allows visitors to get fresh content every time.

Get your music from Digiccmixter now.


PlayOnLoop has a vast collection of music and soundtracks for Films, Trailers, Animation and Games available for free without any restriction in usage. This entitles nearly everything that you specifically want in the production field. From the game creation to the making of a trailer video of the game, PlayOnLoop has everything that you need. Even there is a dedicated section of game music which comprises of 8-bit, 16-bit and sample-based music so that it can suit the exact environment of your games easily. All the quality asset you get here is for free and you can use it in any of your personal and commercial projects with the credit attribution.

Check PlayOnLoop now.

DL Sounds

DL Sound is pretty famous within developers due to its quality audio tracks and royalty-free music tracks. It has a good collection of audio tracks for the Arcade, Retro and electronic video games completely looped. The royalty-free license gives the developer the ability to use it both in his personal and commercial project hassle-free. The best part of the categorisation is to select the right mood for the games and the ability to filter out the audio tracks according to the BPM, Audio type, and loop-able tracks.

Check DL Sounds now.


Bensound is one more option to find high-quality music assets for your specified genre of game. You can find a huge variety of sound effects, packs, audio tracks easily for your games. All the assets present over the website is royalty-free but the only restriction it has is, you can use them in your personal project only. However, developers can check the large list of sound it has to suit their game style and later can buy the Pro license if they require anything more specific.

Check more about Bensound here.


Over more than 60,000 sounds currently on the website, ZapSplat is a huge library of quality soundtracks and music tracks for all the genres of the game. It has a huge categorisation of mood and style, which helps a lot to select the right music track, and not only just the music track but also the right sound effect for the games. The free sound present over the website is available for all to use in their respective field both commercial and non-commercial. However, users need to give credits to the original maker while using it for free.

Check ZapSplat here.


With more than 4500 sound effects, FreeSFX is well known for its huge collection of Royalty-free sound effects that developers can use in both personal and commercial project. Also, FreeSFX now has a good collection of Music tracks with more than 800 + Soundtracks consisting of a different style. The large categorisation of various genre helps a lot to select the right music asset for games.

Check out FreeSFX now.


Started first in 2001, SampleSwap has a large library of Sound Effects which covers everything that you want for electronic music. With a large list of categorisation, it is quite easy to select the right sound for the specified genre of the game. Developers can use the Royalty-Free sound for their projects and can also upload their content in this website.

Find more about SampleSwap here.


With a variety of genre and mood, Incompetech has a wide range of music set for various needs. Although not all the music present over the website is free, you can still get a wide range of music assets for all your need. With the Creative Commons License, you are free to use in any project you want.

Check out Incompetech for more details.


This website has a good collection of video game music and especially the section of arcade music. All the music assets available here are completely free to use while giving credits to the makers. Also, the handcrafted music assets are of high quality and the genre available suite perfectly the game style.

Check out more about Patrickeartega here.


SoundImage is another great option in this list where you can find a wide range of sound collection. Not only sound but you can also find images, textures, game arts, video footages for your video games. Run by Eric Mataya, this is definitely a great site to check out for all your needs regarding the game development assets. The sound assets present over the website are completely free to use in personal and commercial projects but the attribution to the maker is mandatory.

Check more about Soundimage here.

So here was a complete list of 10 Great Websites for Free Music Assets in 2020. We would highly recommend every developer to check all the sites individually and accredit the original maker while using their assets.

Here are a few important resources regarding Music Production in Game Development:-

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

**VOiD1 Gaming is not sponsored by any of the above companies. This list is in no particular order and preference of the websites are solely dependent on the user interest.**


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