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5 Great 3D Game Engines in 2020

Here is a list of 5 Great 3D Game Engines in 2020 to kick-start your Game Development journey.

With the advancement of technology, Game Engines have been evolved to supreme software supporting all the creators to shape their idea into reality. These frameworks help to achieve all the desired wants of a developer with ease. Today, the demand for 3D Games has crossed all the bars which resulted in the 3D Game Engine Industry to boost up. Developers nowadays are primarily focusing on building 3D Games with stunning real-world graphics while increasing the feel of the game through the power of depth. However, it is a bit difficult to shift individually from the 2D Game Engine to a 3D Game Engine but alternatively, there are many Game Engines which provides both in the same framework. After completing the 5 Great 2D Game Engines in 2020, here is a list of 5 Great 3D Game Engines in 2020 to kick-start your Game Development journey.


Unity has always been a starting point for most of the beginners and is often referred to as the most reliable, friendly and versatile Game Engine. With a vast supporting community and full of useful resources, Unity has undertaken the Gaming Industry with the power of Indie Game Developers. Unity has been constantly upgrading itself to provide the developers with the invincible power of developing games. With the introduction of Real-time Ray Tracing and powering the 2D Game Engine with high-quality packages, Unity has created a stronger base both in 2D and 3D world. Nowadays, most of the Big Studios use Unity for their commercial production and Indie Game Developer often use to kick-start their career.

Check out Unity Official Website for more Details.


When it comes to stunning real-world graphics, Unreal is the one that strikes the mind. And yes, undoubtedly Unreal is regarded as the Best Game Engine for the Game Developers and Game Designers who want powerful high-quality graphics. Created by Epic Games in 1991, Unreal Game Engine is widely used around the world and has become an idle Game Engine for the Game Designers for the visualisation, design and flow of the game. The wide range of customisation available in this engine makes it stand out unique. However, it is not an ideal choice for the beginners to start their journey with Unreal Engine, as it’s quite difficult to pick up at starting, but can be a powerful resource to come back and continue once a developer is good with the basics.  

Find out more about Unreal here.

Game Maker Studio

One of the easiest Game Engine to pick up and start the Game Development Journey is the Game Maker Studio. Even if you don’t know to program, you can still show the world your developed games made through Game Maker Studio. This is possible through the drag and drops feature which allows the developers to make a game from scratch using the components available. However, you can add advanced feature through code but any beginner could make a strong base through Game Maker Studio easily. Game Maker Studio allows the developers to create 3D Games but, more often, developers use Game Maker Studio to build great 2D Games instead due to limited options available.

Check Game Maker Studio here.


A completely Free Open Source Game Engine licenced with MIT License, GODOT is great to make 2d and 3D Games. With an active large community, GODOT keeps on improving the development environment without any tension of royalties, subscription or any hidden charges. Developers can make great games with GODOT and can potentially publish it commercially.

Check out more about GODOT here.

Cry Engine

Like Unreal Engine, Cry Engine is used by the developers to create visually stunning graphics. Developed by a German company Crytek, the power of CryEngine can be visualised on its own made game FARCRY. With completely free to use without any royalties, hidden charges and subscription, CRY Engine is a great 3D Game Engine to learn and start the Game Development. There are plenty of learning resources available which could potentially boost up your learning process. CryEngine is available in Github for Free to download.

Learn more about CryEngine here.

These are few popular 3D Game Engines in 2020 which developers should check in-depth and consider the right one before starting the Game Making Process. Also, check out 5 Great 2d Game Engines in 2020 and 5 Great Open Source 2D Game Engines in 2020 to get a clear picture of the starting point. There is no perfect time to wait and start, rather start your journey in this Game Development Industry today and turn it out to a perfect one.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

**VOiD1 Gaming is not sponsored by any of the above companies. This list is in no particular order and preference of the software are solely dependent on the user interest. All trademarks appearing in this list are registered trademarks of the respective companies.**



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