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Unity Cloud Partners with Microsoft Azure Cloud Service

Unity joins hands with Microsoft to strengthen its Unity Cloud with the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service.

Recently, great news popped up for all the Unity Game Developers out there, that Unity is now partnering with Microsoft to make Azure the official cloud solution for Unity Backend Services. Additionally, this will also ease the process of developing games for Xbox Consoles and PC. The capabilities and core structure of Azure will help Unity and its developers to scale their product with efficient workflow, new functionalities, accessibility, and a lot more.

If you are wondering what advantages it might offer to developers, then the simple answer is, to eliminate the gap between the top-class Unity tools and accessibility for the developers. This partnership would allow developers to use Unity’s previously acquired Weta Digital Ziva Dynamics and a lot more high-quality tools that developers require to make stunning games. Moreover, DevOps products that include PlasticSCM and Cloud Build can be further scaled in terms of their repository size and concurrent user size ahead of time. Also, strong analytics with a good track of the progress updates could be seen further with this deal getting finalized.

Previously, it was seen that the Unity PRO users were having the access to publish for the consoles, PlayStation and Nintendo, however, with this partnership, the developers can expect seamless publishing to Xbox Consoles and PC for all the developer tiers.

Check out the complete announcement.

It’s quite fascinating to see Cloud Computing coming up ahead with a stronger position in today’s technological world where most of the big tech firms have shifted themselves to Cloud Services while scaling their services tremendously. This shows a great paradigm shift towards the advancement of cyberspace.

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