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Unity Learn Premium Remains Free for Everyone

Unity has recently declared that Unity Learn Premium will remain free for everyone beyond the 3 months of complimentary access during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Following from March 19, Unity Learn Premium was free for the community while offering 3 months complimentary access to rich content and live access to Unity experts. Considering the growth of the Game Development industry and the demanding skills in the market, Unity has taken a great initiative to offer Unity Learn Premium to everyone for free. This will help the job seekers to gain in-demand skills to match up and compete with the Job Curve while enhancing the self-capabilities.

Check Unity’s official blog for more details.

The Unity Lean Premium covers nearly everything that the aspirants need with more than 350 hours of rich content. This, however, includes the most demanding skills in today's market, AR, VR, AI, ML and a lot more. Also, the course will help you in getting started with the industry-standard workflow while approaching the make of AAA games.

Get started with the Unity Lean Premium.

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