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Unity Shut Down its Unity Collaborate

Following the completion of migration from Unity Collaborate to Plastic SCM, Unity announces the sunset of Unity Collaborate.

If you are working on a larger project with a team, it might be obvious that you already have your project setup with a cloud repo allowing you to push and pull the changes so that everyone can have an equal contribution at the same time. Also, there’s a possibility that many of you might be using Unity Collaborate for all of your use cases. So, if this is the case then there’s bad news and good news related to this matter. The bad news is, that Unity announced recently the permanent shutting down of Unity Collaborate, which means, users can no longer use Unity Collaborate and all the active projects integrated with Unity Collaborate have to migrate to the new solution, alternatively, the good news coming out of it is, Plastic SCM is now completely production-ready and is all set to work with its full potential.

After Unity acquired Plastic SCM, it was on a rigorous transition period for migrating all the stuff from Unity Collab to Plastic SCM while making it super powerful for Unity users. During this transition period, the company was having a close look at the development and fixing of bugs related to Plastic SCM which was also followed by a series of feedback taking from the users and fetching data from the surveys. Now, the day has finally come when the migration has been completed successfully and we can say goodbye to the old cloud solution. Old users still using Unity Collab need to migrate to the new solution soon. In addition to that Unity also request users to pull out the data stored in Unity Collab before it permanently vanishes from the webspace.

As a reminder, you have until May 31st, 2022 to extract your data from Collaborate projects before it is permanently deleted. - Unity

This message also conveys that Unity has some future plans to enhance Plastic SCM ahead of time making it even more versatile and dynamic for various use cases. This is undoubtedly great news for the developers patiently waiting for a stronger cloud solution for their project. We hope Plastic SCM adds real value to the projects and ease the development process smoothly.

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