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Free Game Assets for Game Development

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Download Free Game Assets for Game Development. Get Free Game Assets both for Personal and Commercial Games also for other projects.

Being an Indie Game Developer, you have to fight your way through all the odds and reach the sweet spot without any financial support, which includes both time and budget to invest in to climb up the ladder. Not just Solo Indie Developers but also the small Indie Teams face the same situation in the real market. From Game Development to Game Marketing, an Indie Game Developer have to handle all the fields to make the game to the top charts. Often due to lack of budget and adequate resources many Indie Game Developers especially Solo Indie Game Developers tend to quit making games further.

Well, we know the amount of hardship Indie Game Developers face in their journey, and in a mission to make Game Development accessible we have come forward with an initiative to support all the Game Developers with Free Game Assets and Tutorials, which could potentially ease out the Game Development journey and leverage up the skills for beginners. So, here is an insight on what our team, VOiD1 Gaming, is committed to contributing to the Game Development Community.

Make Game Development Accessible

With an initiative to make Game Development Accessible, our team VOiD1 Gaming is solely committed to craft quality Game Assets for all the Game Developers who can use them in their Personal and Commercial Projects. Not just Game Development but these Assets can be used for other projects and fields like YouTube Videos, Film Making, Animation, etc.

We have rooted ourselves into the field of Graphics, Music, Scripts and more where we provide Thousands of Free Game Assets to all, yes, we have achieved one small milestone in providing,

Here are a few top demanding Packs from all the fields which you can grab it instantly for your games without paying a penny.


Free 3D Asset Collection

Free 3D Asset Collection is a series of 3D Asset Collection specially crafted for 3D Games and 3D projects. This series started as a way to provide Game Artists and Developers from around the world to get access to Free common and uncommon 3D content for use in their games hassle-free. Each asset you find here has been meticulously Created, Optimized, and Tested so that you can use the assets without any further tweaks but all the original files are also provided for even more customization if you wish to do so. Also, apart from all this, one good news for all the Game Developers is, We accept all the valuable suggestions from our Users. So you can suggest any new 3D assets that you require and we'll make sure to add them in the future and will provide any expansion packs for the 3D assets that'd make a great collection together.

Check out the Free 3D Asset Collection and Grab your Favorite.

Free Crosshairs Pack

Crosshairs are an essential part of any shooter game. Get this pack of 60+ FREE Crosshairs and instantly give your Shooter Games a premium feel. Packed with the asset are 60+ Crosshair assets, 1 PSD file containing all assets for further customization, Crosshairs for all kinds of guns including Shotguns, Rifles, Sci-Fi Guns, Tanks, Airplanes, and others along with Crosshairs for Out-Of-Ammo.

Download the Free Mega Crosshairs Pack now.

Pixel Guns

Need Gun assets for your Games with a Pixel Art Style?? We've got you covered. Here are 15 Premium Pixel Art Gun Assets Crafted with utmost care towards Game Development Workflow. The assets have a Uniform Pixel Density which makes them suitable for cohesion between their details in-game and is referenced from famous and memorable Real-life guns. Add the action to your shooter games with Pixel Gun Pack.

Get the Free Pixel Guns for your Games.


HALFTONE Sound Effects Pack

Craving for a great SFX Pack for spicing up your games? Here are 200 FREE Sound Effects ranging from basic Movements like Jumping and Walking to special ones like Ambient Sounds, Blips, and Noise. Also bundled in the HALFTONE Sound Effects pack LITE are multiple UI sounds to make your project’s Sound Effects seem coherent across all the scenes. SFX is extremely important for getting the correct feel of any game and we’ve got you covered.

Get 200 Free Sound Effects for your Games in this Free HALFTONE Sound Effects Pack.

Hypercasual Music Pack Series

A curated collection from VOiD1 Gaming music assets geared specifically towards Hyper casual Games. Get 50+ Free Hyper casual Looped Action-Packed Music Tracks for use in your projects for free. Designed with utmost care for Hyper casual Game Development to get your Hyper casual games to the next level with awesome sounds.

All the Hyper casual Music Packs at one place -

Platformer Music Pack

Wanna drive up the feel of your Platformer games? Sound plays a vital role in providing the best gameplay experience to your players. Here’s a FREE pack of 20+ Background audio for enhancing the feel of your platformer games.

Download Free Platformer Music Pack for your Platformer and Adventure Games.

Scripts & More

Basic Platformer Movement Script

The "Basic Platformer Movement Script" Unity asset helps you start your Platformer games without writing the movement script from scratch. This movement script will get you up and running with your project in no time and will give you the freedom to start testing your ideas as soon as you hook them up with your graphics assets. To get a feel of the script we've also provided a demo scene to test out the correct parameters for your games.

Download the Basic Platformer Movement Script to Kickstart your First Platformer Game.

Box Bot

Box Bot is the Simple Unity Tutorial series crafted especially for Beginners to kickstart their journey in Game Development on making their first Platformer Game in Unity. A series of 5 Tutorial Resource would help Beginners to get a quick insight on making their first Platformer Game with the mechanics like Movement, Ground Detection, One Way Jump & Super Dash, Collectibles, Door Unlock, Adding Background Sound, SFX, and many more.

Start making Games with Box Bot Tutorial Series now -

Unity Blur Shader

Getting a Good Optimized Blur Shader for Games especially for Mobile Games is highly difficult. So, we made a simple Blur Shader that could work for your projects running with the default render pipeline. Add soft blurs to your scenes with Unity BLUR Shader. This easy-to-use standard gauss blur shader creates a smooth and performance-optimized real-time blur and has an easy drag and drop workflow. The shader works with both 2D and 3D scenes making it versatile for all kinds of uses.

Download the Free Unity Blur Shader.

So here were a few Trending Packs from the complete list.

Want more?

Lastly, here are a few Frequently asked questions that could clear your doubts and bring on more clarity.


Will the Assets Remain Free Forever?

Yes, without a pinch of doubt, the Game Assets which are Free until now would be Free forever, till the last man on this planet.

Do I need to Credit VOiD1 Gaming?

Well, No, You are never bound to Credit VOiD1 Gaming upon using Free Assets, however, Crediting VOiD1 Gaming would be highly appreciated and would surely motivate us to make more awesome content for the community.

Can I Pitch My Idea for an Asset?

Yes, we are always up for suggestions for a new Asset Idea. Just have your words recorded in the comment section of Free 3D Asset Collection, if you want to suggest a 3D Asset Idea, or just drop a mail and we would get back to you.

Can I use Free Assets in Commercial Games without Giving Credits?

Yes, without any problem, you are absolutely allowed to use all of our Assets in the Commercial game without giving Credits. As mentioned above, If you still want to Credit us, then your Kind gesture is always highly appreciated! Thanks in Advance!

Where can I find the License of All Assets?

You can find the license with the Asset File itself. Whenever you download any of the Asset packs, you get a dedicated license pack with it which explains almost everything.

How can I Credit VOiD1 Gaming if I want to?

Crediting VOiD1 Gaming is pretty simple, just include, “Handcrafted by VOiD1 Gaming” with the website link to our homepage if possible.

How can I support VOiD1 Gaming?

Morale Support is the primary base that would help us to stay motivated. When you use VOiD1 Gaming Assets in your game, Tutorials to learn, Blogs to stay informed, you are already supporting us in moving ahead. However, being Indie Game Developers themselves, even we struggle sometimes with a lack of funds. But we have always found a way to tackle it and now you could help us to walk aside in our journey.

We have started Patreon after serving the community for 2 years which would provide support helping us to be consistently ahead. If you want to donate but don't want to commit to a recurring payment cycle, feel free to support us on Buy Me A Coffee whenever you'd like.

Can I use these Assets away from Game Development?

Yes, whether it’s a game or any other field like Videos for YouTube, TikTok, Cinema, Animation, Movie, or any other such area where you find these Assets could best fit, you can easily use them hassle-free.

So here was a brief article on getting Free Game Assets for your games. All these Game Assets could be used in almost every game engine and we hope these Free Game Assets Boost up your Game Development Journey in a long run.

We are Finally on Patreon!

We are also on Buy Me a Coffee!

Your Support is what keeps us moving. You can support us on Patreon to help us making more such Awesome Content and serve this community long. Check out the Patreon Exclusive Tiers and more Information. Additionally, If you would like to Support us through Donations instead of recurring payments, you could do so on Buy Me a Coffee whenever you would like.

Also, don’t miss out to subscribe to our newsletter to get your first hands-on resources.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming


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