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Crosshairs are an essential part of any shooter game. Get this pack of 60+ FREE Crosshairs and instantly give your Shooter Games a premium feel.  Packed with the asset are 60+ Crosshair assets, 1 PSD file containing all assets for further customization, Crosshairs for all kinds of guns including Shotguns, Rifles, Scifi Guns, Tanks, Airplanes, and others along with Crosshairs for Out-Of-Ammo.

Included in the pack are - 

  • 63 Unique Crosshairs

  • Black and White Variations of All crosshairs

  • 1080 and 512 Variations of all Crosshairs

  • PSD File containing all Crosshairs for Easier Customization

  • 252 Total Assets

Get it now at

FREE Mega Crosshairs Pack

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