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Basic Platformer Movement Script

The "Basic Platformer Movement Script" Unity asset helps you start your Platformer games without writing the movement script from scratch. This movement script will get you up and running with your project in no time and will give you the freedom to start testing your ideas as soon as you hook them up with your graphics assets. To get a feel of the script we've also provided a demo scene to test out the correct parameters for your games.

The asset pack is completely tweakable and provides you the freedom to test different parameters for different game feel. The code is properly commented on for ease of use for everyone and is beginner-friendly.

The asset includes scripts for Platformer movements like-

  • Horizontal Movement

  • Ladder Climb

  • Double Jump (Multiple air Jumps)

  • Low/High Jump

  • Coyote Time (Responsive jumps from platform to platform)

  • Hair Trigger Jumps (Responsive jumps before touching the ground)

  • Smooth Flip

  • Movement Damping (Damping, Stop Damping, Turning Damping)

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