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This World Music Day, celebrate Music with extremely affordable Music Bundles from Fanatical

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

With 1000s of Music Tracks and Loops, along with in-depth ebooks on Music Production, you can’t miss out on these amazing bundles! Take your projects to the next level.

Fanatical World Music Day Bundles

Just like the bundles covered in our previous blog, “Unleash Your Creativity with the Mega Music Collection 3 Royalty-Free Bundle” Fanatical has yet again come up with incredible bundles which can certainly help you get your projects to the next level. With music being an essential part of any Game Development Project, owing to the fact that it provides the necessary auditory sensations to enhance the emotions of the players depending on the scenario being played, it is highly important to have the right kind and variety of music in your projects. Searching for the right premium tracks for your Games all over the internet is an extremely tedious task, especially if you want to grab some genre-specific music for your games. Well, Fanatical and their awesome bundles have come to your rescue yet again.

Experience a captivating musical voyage that will enhance your creative endeavors to unprecedented levels with these bundles packed with an incredible selection of top-quality tracks with diversified genres setting up the desired ambiance for your games. Every music enthusiast and professional seeking ideal compositions for their projects should consider this essential collection. Adding to that, you’ll also get an E-book bundle to gain more insight about producing music in your favorite DAWs. Within this blog post, we'll explore a bit deeper into the endless possibilities this bundle offers and how it can transform your projects into magnificent masterpieces, all while getting resources to learn more about Music Production. What’s more? You can also get a bonus bundle from Fanatical FREE OF COST as a gift from Fanatical, no strings attached, Read on for more details.

What do you get?

Essentially, you get 3 Music Bundles, one of which is free to claim, the other two at extremely affordable rates, and 1 E-Book bundle with informative content about the most used DAWs. With so much content at these affordable prices, it’s hard not to recommend them to anyone who’s trying to either dip their feet into learning music production, mastering their music production craft, or adding spectacular music tracks to their library for adding to their game projects.

Build Your Own – Dark Fantasy Music & SFX Bundle

Fanatical Build Your Own Dark Fantasy Music & SFX Bundle

With 40 Individual Products, each containing multiple music tracks it’s hard to miss out for anyone wanting a Music and SFX bundle for their Fantasy Games. The way this Build Your Own Bundle works is that you can choose the individual products/albums and you can pay extremely low bundle prices of any 2, 10, or all 40 products chosen. 2 Product Bundle is available for $1.49, 10 Product Bundle is available for $4.99, and the complete 40 Product Bundle is available for $13.99. With 40 Music Packs each containing at least 10-20 music tracks or 100s of SFX, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. The best part is you can choose the exact products you need and get them at a massively discounted price.

Producer Planet Music Bundle

Fanatical Producer Planet Music Bundle with Music Maker 2023

If you are more into creating your own music crafted uniquely for your games, this bundle is exactly for you. With the included Music Maker Full Version and numerous loops accompanying it you can create an endless variation of music for your games. The included music loops will certainly help you kickstart the music creation process and you can add your own audio loops and effects as you delve deeper into the music production process. You can get all of the 1000s of Audio Loops of various genres and a full copy of Music Maker, worth $109, for just $15.

Make your own Music with Producer Planet Music Bundle!!

Music and Audio Producers Bundle

Fanatical Music and Audio Producers Bundle

Speaking of creating your own music, if you wanted to learn more about the music production process and wanted to explore the inner workings of the workflow and DAWs, you can also grab yourself the Music and Audio Producers Bundle from Fanatical, a set of E-Books covering both entry-level techniques as well as some deeper dives into the world of music production. This single bundle, worth $224.92, can be accessed for just $9.95, providing you 7 E-Books ranging from DAW tutorials for FL Studio 20, Ableton Live 11, and Logic Pro 10.6, to in-depth information on creating music for Film and Game Soundtracks.

Dive deeper into the world of Music Production with Music and Audio Producers Bundle from Fanatical!!

World Music Day 2023 Bonus Content [FREE]

Fanatical World Music Day Bonus Content

And, now, onto the Free Bonus Bundle for Fanatical as a gift to the celebration of World Music Day, here’s a bundle of 130+ music tracks packed into 6 different albums of varying genres. $70+ Dollars worth of Music for FREE!! Now there’s absolutely no reason to miss this. Hurry up though, it’s available only till the stocks last.

Grab your Free Bonus Content NOW!!


So, Summarizing the bundles listed here, you’re getting 1000s of Music Assets and Learning resources that can jump-start your music production levels and level up your games’ audio and feel many folds, all for an extremely discounted price!! Alongside that, you are also getting a free bonus bundle with 130+ Music Tracks. For everyone who wishes to level up their music production, don’t miss out on this one, and best of luck for your game development and music production journey!!

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

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**VOiD1 Gaming is an Official Partner of Fanatical. The Links provided above are affiliate links.**


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