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Game Developer vs. Game Designer

Game Developers and Game Designers are the two major pillars of any game making process and it’s very essential to know the differences, qualities and the job responsibilities they offer in this Industry.

It always seems to be quite similar that Game Developer and Game Designer are the same things, and being an Industry outsider it is quite common to think. It is possible to get confused as the phrase Game Developer is not only a position but also the representation of the Gaming Industry. However, technically they are two different roles that people aspire to choose for diving into the Game Development Industry. Game Developers and Game Designers are the two major pillars of any game making process and it’s very essential to know the differences, qualities and the job responsibilities they offer in this Industry. Here is an in-depth analysis of the differences, qualities and job responsibilities possessed by the Game Developers and Game Designers in this Industry.

Game Designers

As the name suggests, a Game Designer is a creative geek strong with the imagination who tends to design the entire game. The basic role of the Game Designer is to come up with innovative ideas and concept for the game asking questions like “What” should be the game mechanics, “What” should be the look of the game, “What” should be the pace of the game and so on. They create the foundation of the game and the overall blueprint so that it could ease out the game development process. The overall vision of the Game Designer decides the feel and flow of the game. Keeping the gamers interest into consideration they design the game after spending hours of study and analysing the driving factor.


Here are a few key skills possessed by Game Designers that help to excel in this Game Development Industry.

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills

  • Power of Visualisation

  • Good Communication Skills

  • Modelling and Drawing Skills

  • Creativity

  • Story Telling

  • Intermediate Programming Skills

  • Updated with Gaming Trends

  • Good knowledge of Flow Theory

Job Responsibilities

Game Designers have very specific roles when it comes to the production line and it is essential for all the Game Designers to understand the role and adapt it.

  • Identifying the Gaming trend and decoding the reason behind it

  • High level of Creativity

  • Ability to work with other Developers and come up with new ideas

  • Time Management

  • Determining the right audience to target

  • Keeping the Game Feel and Game Business on balance

  • Developing the Games layout, concept and the gameplay

  • Polishing the mechanics of the game

  • Designing the look of the game

  • Overall Game improvement

Game Developer

Alternatively, Game Developers are responsible for converting the vision set by Game Designers into reality with the help of their immense talent and skills. All the Game Developers are technically skilled enough to achieve the goal set by the Game Designers. This includes converting all the design sketches, layouts, storylines, concepts, rules and so on into a playable product. Thousand hours of coding with the logical ability of problem-solving helps the Game Developers to accomplish all that they need. The process of development is based on asking a question “How” which includes, “How” to attain a certain thing, “How” to implement features and so on. A Game Developer needs to be proficient enough with the technical skills to develop the project and should have high problem-solving skills to tackle during the process of development.


Here are a few skills possessed by all the Game Developers to become successful in this Game Development Industry.

  • High level of Coding Skills

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Creativity and Imagination

  • Ability to test more and research more

  • Time management

  • Ability to polish the entire game with a high level of detail

  • Patience

  • Ability to complete the game with polished mechanics

  • Analytical Skills

Job Responsibilities

Game Developers holds a huge responsibility of finishing the entire product as per the idea and turn the imagination into a unique experience. The Job responsibilities they have in the Industry are:-

  • Review and optimize the Game Design Plan

  • Converting the vision into a playable product

  • Meet deadlines

  • Polish the game in terms of mechanics

  • Optimize the game for better performance

  • Solve all the bugs

  • Assembles everything to make a complete product

  • Implement various Apis and Plugins to support the game interaction with other software

So far we got to know the individual role of the Game Developer and Game Designer in detail. The competition is tough and it is very hard to get your way through the crowd. Your talent and interest decide the area you will pursue. Choosing between these two roles at the initial level is utmost required to excel in the Gaming Industry for a long run. Therefore, it is highly recommended to know the self-talent and improve the skills meanwhile before getting started.

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