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5 Great 2D Game Engines in 2020

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Here’s a list of 5 Great 2D Game Engines in 2020 which will help you to take your first step towards 2D Game Development.

It has always been difficult to choose a starting point for any task we do. So does with choosing the right Game Engine for Game Development. Developing 3D games are much complex and requires high skills to attain a good game, whereas developing 2D games is always an initial level of entry for the beginners to delve into the Game Development ocean. Now here comes the choice to choose between a bunch of Game Engines with their specified pros and cons. Here’s a list of 5 Great 2D Game Engines in 2020 to take your first step towards 2D Game Development.


One of the most popular and robust game engines that have evolved so far with powerful tools to make 2D, 3D, VR and AR games, Unity don’t require any introduction to start with. Used by large studios and mostly adopted by the Indie developers, this game engine has got all that you need to start your game development journey. With the power of developing for Cross Platforms and the ease of developing games for VR and AR, Unity has now geared up to support high-quality 2D Games in their recent release. Unity uses C# as the programming language to make games. With a massive asset store and a community full of tutorials, Unity is undoubtedly the best beginner-friendly engine.

Check out more about Unity here.


Being the most lightweight open-source game engine, Godot is completely free for the developers to start making games through it. With the support for the cross platforms along Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS Godot is highly demandable Game Engine among the Game Developers. It uses GDscript and also supports C# to develop in its environment. With an MIT Free License, it makes easier for the Game Developers to start their journey with Godot as they don’t have to worry about license and royalty.

Find out more about Godot here.

Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker Studio 2 is a powerful robust engine which supports both 2D and 3D games and is pretty well known among the 2D Game Developers. Evolved from its previous version Game Maker Studio, it now has strong features to support your development with easy to learn interface. Regarded as great for the artist, it also gives you the power to create your asset in the environment itself. Game Maker Studio 2 uses its programming language GML to develop in its environment. The toolset available for non-coders is a major advantage for the Game Developers out there to start the development process by the help of drag and drop.

Check out the Ofiicial page for more details.

Cocos 2D-X

One of the most popular 2D Game Engine in the world, Cocos 2d-X is the one when it comes to the development of the 2D games. Being an Open-Source Game Engine it has powerful features to boost your Game Development journey. With the support for cross-platform and in-depth documentation, it makes the development process easier for the Game Developers. Used by the majority of the big studios, Cocos 2D-X has been evolved as a great Game Engines for developing 2D games. It supports multiple languages for its development lie C++, LUA and JavaScript. As Cocos 2D-X is an Open Source Game Engine, it too runs with an MIT Free License, which means it is completely free and no royalty.

Find out more about Cocos 2D-X here.

Construct 3

With a Windows look, Construct 3 has a simple interface of drag and drop to make 2D games. The powerful Built-in libraries help to create a game as quick as possible by just drag and drop method. Considered as a great engine for making web-based games, Construct 3 is completely no coding platform. A great start for the developers who don’t know coding could start instantly using this Game Engine.

Know more about Construct 3 here.

So here was a list of 5 Great 2D Game Engines in 2020 which could potentially start your Game Development journey in the 2D world.

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