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Unity Gaming Services is now Released

Unity releases the new Unity Gaming Services empowering the world of Multiplayer Games with highly accessible resources just at your fingertips.

It was quite a while Unity was behind in the game of delivering the best quality Multiplayer Support and resources to the Game Developers in order to make quality Multiplayer Games. The previous Multiplayer solution from Unity was not that powerful and developers were required to build their own solution to make it work, which was both time-taking and hectic in terms of use case. Therefore, the rise of many third-party Multiplayer Solutions came up during this period and we witnessed the power of it through many success stories in the live market. But the increasing popularity and demand of Multiplayer services made Unity come up with a new reliable and scalable solution that would give a base ground for both the Indie Developers and Large Studios to get their hands on it. And here it is, Unity released the Unity Gaming Services which would cover most of the aspects of Multiplayer Solution that is easy to integrate and quick to scale up.

Know more about Unity Gaming Services.

Unity Gaming Services would help the developers primarily in making Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games which would include the in-game voice and chat, lobby for private rooms, cloud code, cloud save, and many more other powerful features. So, we are no more required to go anywhere around, everything is just in the editor and a few clicks away to start the journey in the world of Multiplayer Games.

But the main question arises here, Is Unity Gaming Services Free to Use?

Without any doubt Yes! It allows all indie developers and studios of all sizes to try out the new Unity Gaming Services in their games for production release, however, there’s a limit for the Free Tier but expanding it ahead with more content is seamless too.

Check out the pricing of Unity Gaming Services.

It would be now great to experience the power of Unity Multiplayer live in our game. With all the essential features at once place, it would be highly helpful for all the Game Developers to reduce down the production time and enhance productivity to a larger extent.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

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