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Try Ubisoft+ for FREE

The Ubisoft+ subscription is available for Free until 10th October.

Recently, in the Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft announced to make Ubisoft+ free to try for 30 days until 10th October for all the users. With a goal to give the users a chance to, “Play your favorite franchises, challenge yourself and your friends or create new worlds on PC with Ubisoft+, including new releases on day one, premium editions DLC exclusive rewards, and more”, Ubisoft is planning to expand its userbase with genuine long supporting fans staying primarily for a strong reason. This means users can play whatever they want for 30 days and can cancel the subscription anytime before the given date. This gives a golden opportunity to the gamers and many casual users who might have left some of the titles in the midway and never got a chance to play again. With this 30 days of Free Ubisoft+ subscription, users now have ample time to finish their favorite title, play the new DLC, or try something new from the catalog.

Users can choose any one of the two tiers available, either, only PC access or else Multi-access. Both the tiers have premium editions with 100+ games but the Multi-access supports playing on Google Stadia via cloud gaming. So, that’s another great piece of news for all the Stadia owners to experience all the premium titles.

Check out Ubisoft+ now.

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