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Stadia Shutting Down?

Recently, a storm of online rumors came into the picture, stating Stadia will shut down soon. However, Google responded, "Stadia is not Shutting Down" and shared upcoming plans.

Stadia has been one of Google's biggest gaming tech dreams, and a lot of resources and efforts have been put forward to make this stand out in the market. On one side, there is a swarm of high praises for Stadia, whereas, on the other hand, Google has been seen closing the Stadia Development team in a few regions. In addition to that, recently, various social handles have witnessed a few rumors about Stadia closing down soon. Summing up, it is quite obvious that the future of Stadia is uncertain and users are searching for official comments on this matter. Not just that, things became more serious, and the rumor in the air seemed to be more authentic when a Twitter account posted a contradictory message leaving Stadia fans to believe that Stadia was going to shut down soon.

Well, all the doubts got cleared when a fan finally asked the company for their stand. The company cleared that Stadia will not shut down anytime soon, and the team is working on enhancing the platform by bringing great games and developing Stadia PRO to its best.

This direct statement of the company itself shows that the future of Stadia might not be easy enough to climb the mountain, but definitely, they are not holding themselves back. Previously, Stadia released "Click to Play" demos that don't require any Stadia account to play, which significantly boosted the company's performance metrics. Moreover, ` is planning to team up with big titles, which might soon be Stadia's Signature product. Hope it comes through all this pretty well and creates a strong stand in the market.

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