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THE SIMS 4 will be Free-to-Play in October

EA has finally opted to make The SIMS 4 base game completely FREE starting October 18.

The Sims series has been a successful, long-running, and most beloved series among casual gamers. Many of us have spent unlimited hours making our digital avatar live their life to the fullest. Not just that, the most remarkable thing about the Sims series is how well it immerses the player into the story making users crave to live in the digital world. The Sims 4, released in 2014 back then, now has millions of players with over $800 worth of digital content. This makes up an excellent business for EA having base players shop the digital content daily. With this intention, EA has now planned to make The Sims 4 base game entirely Free for all the new users on PC, MAC, and Console starting from October 18.

With this news, at least the rumors in the air went wrong that EA to discontinue The Sims 4 soon. Alternatively, it showed EA has an extended plan to take The Sims 4 to the next height and add this Title to their top earning stats.

Read the Full Official Blogpost.

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