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No More updates for Red Dead Online. Is GTA 6 coming up?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Rockstar halts all major updates for Red Dead Online and shifts towards developing a new grand entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Recently in a blog post, Rockstar announced to end support for the Red Dead Online by no longer releasing any major content updates for the big title; instead, the company and the development team are now much more focused on shifting all their development resources in the making of next title entry to the Grand Theft Auto Series. However, the company has assured the players of maintaining the existing game with a healthy environment by releasing required updates to keep the game fully functional, but there would be no major themed updates as previously.

Check the full Rockstar Blog.

After hearing this news, players might now think, what will happen to GTA online then? Well, as per the announcement, Rockstar would continue full support to GTA Online with all the significant updates and new gameplay modes with top community request improvements. There would be no such problems for the players playing the GTA online title. And this decision seems to be quite apparent as the GTA series and the release of GTA Online has been a Game Changer and a huge money maker for the Rockstar company. Additionally, as the upcoming GTA title is an extension to the GTA series, it would be helpful for the GTA developers to keep still adding content to the GTA online while supporting the story and the overall game modes.

Previously, it was heard that Rockstar has even scraped the making of Red Dead Remaster to entirely focus on releasing GTA 6; however, now it’s pretty confirmed that Rockstar has cleared its goal for the future, and we could see GTA 6 coming up pretty soon.

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