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Indonesia Bans Steam, Epic games, PayPal, Yahoo, Origin, and more

Steam, Epic Games, PayPal, Yahoo, and Origin are now banned in Indonesia as companies failed to comply with the new IT rules.

Recently, Indonesia Government strengthened its law while giving companies a due date of 27th July to comply with the new policy and register themselves to the government database. However, it has been seen that many companies, including Steam, Epic games, PayPal, Yahoo, Origin, and more, have failed to do so. Consequently, these companies are now banned from the internet space in Indonesia. Although this is not a permanent ban, it still shows how strict the government is in protecting consumer data and privacy.

In the MR5 law, which was first introduced on 2020, the government of Indonesia made a clear stand on protecting its netizens by bringing strict moderation rules. The new rules allow the government to attain needed data of any specific user and give orders to the company to remove the content that “disturb public order” considering it illegal. The most urgent calls would be taken place within 4 hours and 24 hours for other contents.

Check out for more details on Reuters.

Previously Indian government banned a series of 118 Chinese apps, including BGMI recently, as a threat to national security and privacy concerns. Also, as the new Indian IT rules came into the picture, several tech giants must comply with the regulations to be in the Indian market. Data protection and privacy seem to be a growing concern in the current scenario, and several big firms and countries have come forward to take a positive stand. It would be interesting to see how it shapes the world in the long term.

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