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How to Find Missing Files in Blender

Relink any missing files like textures, appended models, etc. in Blender, without any hassle.

All linked files to any Application work by searching for the files in the designated file directory. If, by any means, the files get misplaced or moved the program throws up an error as it’s not being able to search for the liked files. Blender is no different from this and once you move any appended file like models or textures you’ll get errors regarding those missing files. Here’s how to relink all the missing files.

If you want a short video tutorial of the process of Finding missing files in Blender check out our Tutorial on YouTube – “How to Find Missing Files in Blender – Quick and Easy

With the Blend file missing the file links open, go to the menu bar, and click on “File”. When the File menu Drop-down appears hover over “External Data” and click on the “Find Missing Files” Button beside it, opening up the “Blender File View” Pop-Up WIndow. Alternatively, after opening the File Menu Drop-Down, you can press “X” and “F” to open up the “Blender File View”.

With the “Blender File View” open, navigate to the location you moved your appended/linked files into and click on the “Find Missing Files” Button on the bottom right of the pop-up window.

You should, now, have the files in the selected folder relinked to your Blend file again. Repeat the process for more missing files if required.

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