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ArtStation Learning to stay Free, Forever?

Christmas just got merrier for Artists!! ArtStation Learning is now Free for an Extended Period. Learn More.

When ArtStation joined the Epic Games family in April this year it was announced that ArtStation Learning would remain free till the end of 2021. This was amazing news back then for all the artists who wanted to learn professional training courses from amazing artists worldwide. This definitely served its purpose of empowering artists worldwide by making more knowledge accessible to all.

There’s more amazing news for all those artists who loved the content from ArtStation Learning. ArtStation Learning will remain free beyond the end-of-2021 deadline, providing everyone unlimited access to all the professional training courses available there. As quoted by Leonard Teo, ArtStation Co-founder and Senior Director,

“By making learning accessible to everyone, we can help reduce the barriers of entry and help more artists become industry-ready.”, quotes Leonard Teo, ArtStation Co-founder and Senior Director.

They have released an iOS app for ArtStation Learning as well which you can download directly from the App Store. Android version of the app will be available by late January 2022.

Link to the iOS App

What could better gift than the gift of knowledge and accessible resources during this festive season? Happy Learning, everyone!!

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

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