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10 Great YouTube Channels for Learning 3D

Find out 10 must-watch YouTube channels for learning 3D

If you want to make 3D games then there are a lot of things to consider. 3D includes Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, Rendering and many more aspects to consider which can be overwhelming at times, especially when you are a beginner in 3D. You also sometimes need to learn specific software for specific things which include Zbrush, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, Substance Designer and many more. This Blog covers some of the must-watch channels on YouTube to learn most of the aspects of the 3D art world.


Greyscalegorilla is one of the most informative and entertaining channels on YouTube that provide content exclusively for Cinema 4D users. Their tutorials range from simple to advanced catering to yall kinds of skill levels. If you are a new Cinema 4D user then it’s an amazing place to begin at. Their Motion Design tutorials using Cinema 4D can help you propel the design and interactions of your games too.

Check out Greyscalegorilla.


Eyedesyn, run by EJ Hassenfratz, is another great channel for learning 3D with Cinema 4D. His great style of making characters and rendering styles are great for Motion Design as well as Game Development. His cartoonish characters and animation styles are very easy to grasp and implement in your games. You can find tutorials on Animation, Rendering, Character Design and Rendering techniques using Octane Renderer.

Find out more at Eyedesyn.

Daniel Danielsson

One of the most satisfying channels to watch on YouTube, Daniel Danielsson’s channel covers many advanced techniques in Cinema 4D and watching them is a breeze thanks to his amazing voice and production quality of his videos. The mood set up by his tutorials are extremely uplifting and can jam-pack your mind with cool ideas for your projects. Though not a channel related to Game Development, Daniel Danielsson YouTube channel is a must-watch for any Cinema 4D user.

Get to know more at Daniel Danielsson.


Getting into the realm of Maya, Blender, and Zbrush, FlippedNormals is an amazing channel to watch if you need to know industry-standard techniques and workflows along with great advice and first-hand experiences from the hosts Henning Sanden and Morten Jæger. You can find tutorials on a vast amount of subjects ranging from 3D Modelling to Sculpting to UV unwrapping and many more. They use Maya and Zbrush and also Blender after the 2.8 update.

Check out FlippedNormals.

Michael Pavlovich

If you want to learn about Zbrush from an amazing artist then this channel is definitely for you. At Michael Pavlovich’s YouTube channel you can find tutorials for Zbrush for all skill levels. His “Intro to Zbrush” series will get you up and running with Zbrush in no time. If you want to learn Zbrush from start to end covering all the essential techniques then Michael Pavlovich is a must-watch channel.

Find out more at Michael Pavlovich.

Blender Guru

Blender Guru is the go-to channel for every Blender artist. The channel provides all you need to know to get started and prosper using Blender. Blender has become an immensely powerful tool and a must-use tool in any Game Developers arsenal. Learning Blender is now more essential than ever and Blender Guru is the perfect channel to start at.

Check out Blender Guru.

Ian Hubert

One of the funniest yet informative channels on YouTube, Ian Hubert’s channel is an amazing place to juxtapose fun and learning. His approach to 3D is very unique and shows the length you can go with simplicity. You can learn to make extensive set-pieces without having to model all the assets you need intensively. His techniques are extremely simple yet effective to pick and his “Lazy Tutorials” series shows just how much you can learn within just a minute. A must-watch channel for any 3D artist.

Find out more at Ian Hubert.

CG Matter

Funky yet jam-packed with information, CG Matter is a channel that makes you learn stuff that you never thought was possible with Blender. You can learn much unique stuff at CG Matter and have fun along the process. The style of the channel is extremely quirky and is definitely one of the most content-packed channels on YouTube for learning Blender.

Check out CG Matter.


Also, a channel that covers Blender tutorials, SouthernShotty is very beginner-friendly and the tutorials are extremely intuitive to learn. The art-style is great and the channel is focused on a very unique look and also teaches a lot about animations. You can learn Rigging, Texturing, Animating and more for breathing life into your characters.

Find out more at SouthernShotty.

William Santacruz

If you are into voxel art then William Santacruz is one of the best channels on YouTube to watch. His art-style is amazing and you can pick up the techniques by watching the process videos. He uses Magicavoxel for the Voxel art and if you already use Magicavoxel for your workflow then the videos are extremely easy to understand and you can learn a lot from them.

Find out more at William Santacruz.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

**VOiD1 Gaming is not sponsored by any of the above Channels. This list is in no particular order and preference of the channels are solely dependent on the user interest. All trademarks appearing in this list are registered trademarks of the respective Channels.**

**Blog poster Image Credit - Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels.


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