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Searching Shaders for Unity? You are at the right spot! 18 of our Shaders packed into one single convenient bundle!!

Shaders are an essential tool in the Game Developer's arsenal, hence we made these extremely useful and commonly used shaders to expedite your game development process. With this Unity Shaders Collection, you'll all of our Unity Shaders conveniently packed into a single bundle all while helping us out in making more such amazing content for the amazing game developer's community.

☝BEST PART? It's FREE for PATRONS this entire MONTH from the date of release!!

List of Shaders Provided - 

  • Material Blending Shader

  • Blur Shader

  • Simple Triplanar Shader

  • Dissolve Shader

  • Hologram Shader

  • Forcefield Shader

  • 2D Hologram Shader

  • 2D Dissolve Shader

  • Sprite Blur Shader

  • Highlight Shader

  • Stylized Fire Shader

  • Basic Material Pack

  • 2D Distortion Shader

  • Blackhole Shader

  • TV Glitch

  • Shader

  • 2D Wind Shader

  • Grid Shader

  • Matrix Shader

Instructions to Use -

1. Make sure your Project is set up with UNITY URP. If not, then you can install it via Unity Hub while starting a new project or you can Install the Universal RP from the Package Manager. To Install via Unity Hub at the time of creating a fresh project, just select the URP from the Project Template and Fillup in other details like Project Name, Project Path, and then hit Create. 

Alternatively, if you are already in an existing project, just check this link from Unity Documentation for upgrading your existing project to Unity URP -

2. Now Import the Shader of choice using the Import Packages -> Custom Package Option available in the Asset Menu.

If the Shader appears to be Pink then you might be missing something during the Project Setup. Make sure your project Is well compatible with the Universal RP and have the Shadergraph package installed.

NOTE - All these shaders are available for free separately as well. This bundle helps you get all our shaders conveniently at one place all while supporting us make more such content for the Game Developer's community.

Get it now at

Unity Shaders Collection 2022

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