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Trains - Photo Reference Pack Square.jpg

Grab 60+ Images to help you in the conception or ideation of hard surface models in your games including, but not limited to, Trains!! 

This Photo reference pack was captured to show all the nitty gritty details about some of the common and also some of the most occluded and less talked about spaces in a Train. You can also find details about the underbelly of a train to understand how things are linked with each other.

A Puref file with all the images embedded is also provided so that you don't have to go through the hassle of importing and embedding 60+ High-quality images into Puref. If you don't have Puref it's highly recommended to download it for any reference-related work. Best part? It's FREE!!

Included Items -

  • 67 JPEG Image References

  • Puref File

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Trains - Photo Reference Pack

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