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Texturing Stylized Game Assets in Substance Painter?? Here are 9 FREE Stylized Smart Materials to expedite your 3D Asset Creation. Each of the assets is easily tweakable and is simple yet elegant to use. Just Drag and Drop for it to take effect and tweak any parameters for more control.

IMPORTANT - The Smart Materials are made with workflow relating to BaseColor Only. All the Lighting Information is Baked in. So work only with the Base Color Channel for the Intended Effect.

The Materials in this FREE Stylized Smart Material Collection 1 are -

  • Royal Metallic Blue

  • Royal Metallic Red

  • Royal Metallic Aqua

  • Brushed Aluminium

  • Sand Blasted Aluminium

  • Galvanized Aluminium

  • Smooth Black Rubber

  • Bumpy Black Rubber

  • Dirty Black Rubber

Stay tuned for the Expansion Pack for even more awesome Assets to this collection!!

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Stylized Smart Material 2

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