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Unity Began Unite Now With Its First Ever Podcast Series

On 14th April, Unity started its first-ever podcast series, "Behind The Game" with the start of Unite Now.

While supporting the initiative of World Health Organisation and promoting the campaign #PlayApartTogether, Unity on 1st April announced to start Unite Now, a digital programming series of talks, demos, Q&A and stories, on 14th April. With this online session, Unity has started its first-ever podcast series, “Behind The Game: Recompile” which will decode the techniques adopted, the working procedure, the methodology from the game creator Phi Dinh itself. This podcast series will aim to delve deep inside the developer journey and the making of the specified game. Previously, Unity has also announced 3 months of Unity Learn Premium for Free, and now with this announcement, Unity has definitely taken a bold step to leverage the learning methodology of the creators and enhance their Game Development skills.

Check out the First Episode of “Behind The Game”.

The First Episode of the podcast will help the creators to learn the working procedure and the methodology applied during the making of Recompile. The listeners will also get to know the importance of HDRP on lighting as well as realism, how Unity tools helped the Phigames to make such realistically rendered environments, how they created assets for the game, why the musician behind the No Man’s Sky soundtrack made the game’s UI rather than making the game’s music, how the viral GIF made Phi Dinh realized that it could turn out to be something big, why Phigames intentionally wanted the players to break the game, and a lot more. This is definitely an informative and experience gaining session to know the mindset and methodology applied while making such great games.

Check out the weekly schedule of the Unite Now here.

Further, the Unite Now will help the creators to learn helpful tips from the Unity Experts, the working procedure creators should adopt, time-saving tips and tricks, in-depth learning sessions from the R&D leaders helping the creators to learn about new products and tools, stories from the Industry developers which will help the creators to tackle out the problem faced during the development period, and so on. However, this turns out to be a great initiative from Unity to provide such informative and helpful content to the creators all around the world during this extensive outbreak. The episodes of the podcast will be available only on Unite Now portal for now, but it will be soon distributed among the major podcast channels at a later date. Ultimately, Unite Now is a golden opportunity for all the developers to seek the knowledge, learn the industry methodology of making games, and gaining experience from The Game Creators. So, don’t miss out to sign up for the upcoming events and stay tuned for other updates.

Sign up for the upcoming events.

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