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Ubisoft to Shut Down its Famous Battle Royale

Ubisoft’s Cyberpunk Battle Royale, Hyper Scape to shut down this April after completing a 2-year run.

Recently Ubisoft announced through a small blog post on the closing of the Hyper Scape game after 18 months of operation. The game made its debut in August 2020 aiming to compete with other battle royale games ruling the market like Fortnite and the Apex Legends. Back then, the company stated that the game has the ability to reach its full potential ahead of time, however, the progress was seen to be underperforming with the course of time. It was getting harder for the game to compete in the open market and failed to stand out of the crowd. The updates of the game were seen to be delayed along with the development which cumulatively led to the closing of the game to happen this year.

Read the Announcement of Ubisoft.

Moreover, Ubisoft is still on the ground preparing for a high level of competition in this genre by introducing the upcoming game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline. Hopefully, the points noted from the Hyper Scape closure would be a great addition to the success of the upcoming game.

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