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PUBG Mobile is Back as PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile maker Krafton has reportedly announced the return of PUBG Mobile as PUBG Mobile India with exclusive contents and Esports events.

After the Ban of 120+ Chinese apps from Indian soil, Krafton has found its way back to enter the Indian Market with Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile. This came in a period where its competitor's game like Call of Duty Mobile and Valorant have already rooted themselves in the Indian Market. In the absence of PUBG Mobile, the Indian made game FAU-G has also marked its presence and gathered a decent user base which is expanding each day. But as PUBG Mobile is back with its new name, it would be interesting to see how it captures the market and competes with the settled game out there.

Check out more about FAU-G.

The South Korean Developer, Krafton, would be making a new game with the name “Battlegrounds Mobile India” keeping all the aesthetics the same as PUBG Mobile with many other improvements and added features. Also, the company is planning to add exclusive Indian content which would be only available to the players in India and expand the Esports events in the country.

Checkout the Battlegrounds Mobile India Logo Reveal

Krafton has also clarified to adhere to the Indian laws and take prime care of data privacy and data security which was the major rejection point for the PUBG Mobile previously. It’s also interesting to see ahead how Krafton keeps itself away from all the Chinese relations which was also a major point of removal. The company is trying to localize the game in India seeing the gamers base and the continued support they were getting from this country. Krafton was also previously seen to donate a hefty amount of 1.5 Crores to the PM Cares Fund supporting the country to fight against the COVID pandemic. Further, Krafton would be employing nearly 100 talented developers and is reported to invest a sum of $100 Million to enhance the business and the company’s fortune in India.

Check the Krafton contribution to PM Cares Fund.

Battlegrounds Mobile India would be initially launched for Pre-Registration on both the Play Store and App Store. The exact date to release up the Full Game hasn’t been disclosed yet but it’s expected to release soon after the Company has completed all the tests and is confident about going live in Indian Market. The Logo has been changed to signify the tri-colour in a motive to attract the Indian Users towards the game but it would be fascinating to see how it captures the player in the Indian Market with COD playing a driving factor in the market.

With that being said, it would also be an interesting Case Study to analyze the importance of Localization and how it helped the game to rise in India. This also opens up the path for other games to consider localizing their game to run well in the targeted country. Capturing the Indian Market is quite tricky and a bit difficult but once achieved, the fortune of the game can turn instantly.

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