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PlayStation acquires Halo Creator, Bungie!

Bungie joins Sony Interactive Entertainment with an aim to become a Global Multimedia Entertainment Company.

It’s just the first month of the year and we have already witnessed some of the mega acquisitions in the field of Game Development. First, Take-Two acquired Zynga, and then the Big player, Microsoft, cutting a massive deal to buy Activision Blizzard has now led to creating a sphere of competition in the world of Games and Sony is nowhere behind. With the acquisition of Halo and Destiny creator, Bungie, the company would be focusing on giving all the PlayStation players a great quality time with some action-packed content exclusively available to them.

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Both the partners share a long-term vision with a goal to enhance the quality of games and uplift the Game Development workflow by hiring talented folks all around the globe. The creative freedom and the multi-platform support combined with a great user base of PlayStation would be the most valuable points for Bungie to grow on a larger scale now. The Game Industry reacted quite well to this news and this shows up what’s yet to come ahead. It’s just the beginning of the year and experts believe 2022 is all set to be the greatest revolutionary year for Game Development.

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