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No more NFTs and Blockchain Tech in Minecraft

The Minecraft maker Mojang has banned NFTs and Blockchain technology inside Minecraft client and server applications.

Where the whole world is stepping into the world of NFTs and Blockchain, Microsoft-owned Mojang, on the other hand, has some different plans for their masterpiece, Minecraft. Recently, through a blog post, the company clearly stated that the use case of NFTs is not lining up with the spirit of Minecraft guidelines, and somehow it is exploiting the regulations set by the developers for fair play. In this regard, Mojang is banning the use of NFTs and Blockchain technology entirely from the Minecraft Client and server applications. This will end the process of creating Minecraft NFTs by the third-party operators and gaining a good profit from it. Additionally, it has also been seen that tokens granting exclusive access to the servers exist, pulling a handsome profit and denying access to the community members making it a closed platform.

As per the guidelines, such activities violate the terms which triggered the Minecraft makers to take a quick step. Following up with the Blog, Mojang also cleared that the practice of letting players earn NFTs from various activities done on a server or outside of the game is banned too. So, anything related to NFTs, let it be world files, skin packs, characters, etc., is no longer allowed in the world of Minecraft. The company also expressed its concern over the reliability of third-party NFTs, and the risk included leading to potential fraud.

However, now the question arises, is it the end of NFTs and Blockchain Technology in Minecraft forever? Well, the answer is not pretty straightforward. The stand of Mojang and the parent company Microsoft is a bit on the safe side as the statements suggest the future scope and a possibility to make a return. Although the company is optimistic about implementing Blockchain technology ahead of time, there’s no clear signal for NFTs coming into the picture. Now, this could be a concerning point for all other developers and might put them to have a second thought about implementing NFTs in their products after a significant company pulls out its stake.

Check out the Official Blog from Mojang for the complete statement.

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