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Best Free CGI Software

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Get to know some of the Best Free CGI Software available to kickstart your career in the 3D world.

CGI, Computer Generated Imagery is generally a creation of a still or animated visual content made using the help of computer software in the 3D World. Not just characters, objects and world-building but CGI also covers all the special effects in films, games and entertainment field. The magic you see nowadays on the screen is all the hard work done with the help of software. The power of CGI is undoubtedly immense and the range of possibilities it has is still to be explored. Game Industry has adapted this as a way of enhancing the user experience while immersing the player into the virtual world completely. This, however, is the next-gen gaming experience that we all are an essential part. So, with that being said, here are a few great CGI Software which you can use for FREE.


When it comes to 3D and Free, the first name that strikes in mind without any question, is undoubtedly the largest active community in today’s date, Blender. Started by Blender Foundation back in 2002, Blender has now emerged into a whole new level of 3D Development. As we all know, Blender is Open-Source and is in constant development for new exciting powerful updates, it is definitely worth craving for more features to dive deep into the 3D world. Not just modelling but also it supports, texturing, compositing, animation rendering, sculpting, UV mapping, masking, rigging, motion tracking and a lot of more advanced features. A top favourite of the Game Development Community, Blender gives an open opportunity for all the beginners to kickstart their 3D career with ease. With the latest release of Blender 2.8, the entire scenario of 3D Modelling Software and the Industry has changed a lot while adapting the new robust environment.

Find out more about Blender.

Daz Studio

Daz3D is a pretty powerful 3D software to create an open environment and 3D models which can be used in various games and films. It allows creating custom 3D characters, vehicles, objects, open-world environment and a lot of more visual contents. Used both by professionals and beginners, Daz 3D is a great software to create 3D morphing, posting, and animation rendering to create some of the photorealistic figures. The Daz Store also offers a good range of pre-made items which you can change and morph according to the needs. And yes, It is completely free to download.

Check more about Daz3D here.

Houdini Apprentice

An industry-standard software with a vast use case through the media and game industry for films, broadcast, entertainment, visualization, and games. Houdini Apprentice is the Free version of the original Houdini and is distributed under the license of non-commercial projects only. However, it supports all the premium feature that Houdini originally has and is a great starting point for the serious geeks who are willing to get started with 3D. The learning curve is a bit steep but can be a great resource for the one who is willing to make an excellent career in 3D production Industry.

Get to know more about Houdini Apprentice.


From the makers of ZBrush, Sculptris is completely free 3D Modelling Software and rendering tool made for the beginners to start the art of digital sculpting. As it is the primary make of ZBrush, you can expect the magic of sculpting similar to the ZBrush. It has basic ZBrush features like automatic symmetric sculpting in both sides, dynamic tessellation, brush optimization, projection painting, UV creation and a lot more. The only major setback it has is the lack of complete advanced feature that ZBrush has, and this is the point for it being in the free side. The rest of the work can be done in ZBrush as an advanced set of work required for your model.

Learn more about Sculptris.


Magicavoxel is a tiny 8-bit light-weighted software for creating Voxelart Models for your games and other 3D needs. Made by Ephtracy, Magicavoxel is a very robust and capable tool for Voxel art which includes tools for modelling and painting your voxel models along with an integrated GPU based interactive Path Tracer for rendering out your models. It's completely free to use both for Commercial and non-commercial use.

If you are into Voxel art Magicavoxel is definitely for you. Get Magicavoxel now at

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