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Make your own Mobile Runner Game with Unity’s new Game Template

Unity has launched a ready-made game template that helps you to prototype and ship your first mobile game with ease.

Who hasn’t thought at least once to make a runner game like Temple Run? Being a beginner in the field of game development, making something like Temple Run and Subway Surfer has always been a dream. Luckily, Unity got you back.

Recently, Unity released a shippable mobile game template for quick prototyping that helps indie developers to iterate over various game mechanics without worrying about making the whole game system. This game template is preoccupied with essential game systems like Menu management, UI, Level manager, etc. With that being said, indie developers can now focus on prototyping and iterating over several game mechanics to find the right juice to serve the users. So, whether you are making your first mobile game or want to develop and release something quick, this game template fit just right to your needs.

Here are some of the key points of using the Unity Runner Game Template:-

In-Editor Tutorial

This Runner Game Template project is integrated with In-Editor Tutorial to help you navigate the essential components of the project, for example, creating and modifying levels, setting up Ad services, UI system, etc. Take the help of this In-editor Tutorial to get a quick hands on the template and get started with ease.

Greybox Level for Rapid Prototyping

This template contains grey-boxed assets and fully functional game mechanics to get you a great starting point for your game dev journey. Further, the game design supports endless possibilities to add your own custom look and make something really unique on top of it. Worrying about getting the Game Assets? We got you covered this time, select among Thousands of Free Game Assets with Industry-Standard Premium Quality for both your personal and commercial games. And yes, it’s free!

Want more? Check out our Premium Game Assets library.

Level Design Mechanics

With the Level Design Editor tool, you can simply prototype limitless variations of your levels in a more efficient way. Play around with the level width, grid size, placing assets, and a lot more other things with just tweaking a few settings. Additionally, this template also manages the save and load system of the level pretty well, so that developers can light up their shoulders.

Camera and Player Presets

With several Camera and Player presets, you can customize your game as per your need. Want faster gameplay? just tweak the right settings on the player controller, and here you go, as simple as that. Want to change the look of your camera, simply tweak the angle, offset, and smoothing to make it feel different. As these are all available on the editor itself, there’s no further headache to get inside the code and find the right line to change.

Basic Animation Controller

The pain to integrate character animation especially Humanoid animation cycles like walking and running is real. To help you pass this phase, this template comes along with a basic animation controller with idle, walk, and run states next to smooth blending between the animation state depending on the player’s velocity. Still not satisfied? You can easily add your custom animation and models as per your game need.

UI System

Creating a good UI system is a separate task from making games. It has its separate flow and getting it right while syncing well with the game data can be difficult to handle sometimes. This template includes easily customizable prefabs that handle progress and menus with the game-winning and losing states. The system is highly scalable and adapts well to your in-game changes.

Menu System

In addition to the above-mentioned UI system, a Menu sequence is also provided to maintain the flow of the menu. Also, a settings menu is included for a basic tweak of Audi, Graphics, and Performance.

Inventory System

A simple inventory system is included in this template that keeps a track of game currencies like gold and XP. The game economy is currently balanced accordingly, however, you can play around the best match and build your game on top of it.

So, with all these features, spend less time doing monotonous tasks and more focus on making your game awesome! If this is something that really excites you, don’t miss out to check the Unity Game Runner Template today!

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

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