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EA Partners with Marvel for 3 Superhero Games

Electronic Arts (EA) partners with Marvel on a Three-Game Partnership deal to mark its first step in the world of Superhero games.

Marvel has been a source of attraction for the game industry lately, witnessed by several game studios coming forward to partner for future Superhero games. Marvel has a massive fan army supporting its 15-year legacy of great comics and movies, but things have started to shift in a new direction. Converting the superheroes into playable characters is what the industry is now heading forward, and this could be a game changer in terms of the business.

Previously, a few studios collaborated with Marvel for future games, including Insomniac, SkyDance New Media, Firaxis, and Second Dinner. But with this new partnership with EA, Marvel marked its first AAA studio partnership, signifying a new series to be set by EA ahead of time. Gamers can expect some AAA-quality Superhero games that might be cooking pretty soon.

Check the full announcement.

This was the first entry of a AAA studio in the field of the Superhero market, and soon it is expected to boom with rich competitors. So, whether it’s Ironman, Captain America, or Doctor Strange, it would be no more just about a screenplay but a whole new story to experience ourselves in our way.

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