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E3’s Digital Event is now Officially Cancelled for 2022

Following the cancellation of the in-person event back in January, now E3 also canceled the virtual event for this year 2022. So, there will be no E3 2022.

Seeing the potential risk of insanely growing COVID, it has been decided earlier this year to cancel the physical event and go for a virtual show completely. Several other game events even followed the same path and transformed their entire event virtually by hosting a grand event online. This not only connected more people around the world but also became a great way to minimize various costs while making the event more effective. However, this time the show organizers, ESA and E3, have made up their minds to cancel the event for this year 2022, and aim for a grand event next year instead.

The recent tweets suggest the same and can be considered as the final statement from the E3.

So, let’s hope for a grand event next year with some really super exciting and innovative games coming out to the center stage. Till then, keep making the best of the best.

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