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After Apple, Google Slashes it's Store Fees by 50%

Following the Epic Games Clash with Apple for Platform Fees, now Google is all set to slash its Store Fees by 50% for revenue under $1 Million.

The news came straight from the VP Product Manager Sameer Samat stating Google’s stand on uplifting the success of developers by cutting off the Platform Fees straight by 50%. This came in a time when the heated rivalry between the Epic Games and Apple is still ongoing on the legal doors. Though it took a long time for Google to revise their Fees Structure, still it adds up great value to the small developers starting in today's date.

Google announced that there would be a straight 15% cut starting from 1st July for all the Play Store Digital Services that a Developer sells up to a mark of $1 million of revenue for each year. Google believes, this in turn would help the developers to overpass the “critical phase of their growth” and potentially help them to uplift their business to greater heights. This initial upfront cash would also help them to stay strong in this competitive market allowing them to grow in a bigger picture. Explaining further, Google also stated that all other developers earning more than $1 million per year would be charged for the same standard rates they used to pay before, i.e, 30%.

It was a long period for Google to charge all the developers with a straight 30% cut which went for many years but now the store giant has finally considered and changed their fees policy. Such actions were also previously seen from the Apple company a few months back where they announced the App Store Small Business Program with a 50% slash in their platform fees. Such initiation from the Store Giants is highly helpful for small developers to make them rise ahead in the market and create a strong base for their long run. But all these regulations were quite impossible to consider and impose without the Epic Games lawsuit. These initiations are, however, the side effect of the ongoing clash but alternatively, transforming into a better place for all other developers in the Game Development Industry.

The announcement from both the Store Giants might seem to be nearly equal but there’s a major difference between them that we all should be aware of. Apple counts the developer to be eligible for the program only if the developer earns less than $1 million per year. But further Apple would cancel the program there itself once the developer crosses more than the set mark. Alternatively, Google checks for the revenue of the developer for the previous year, this means, for the first $1 million you will be charged 15% straight no matter what sized you are. Once you overcome the mark set by Google you will be automatically put into 30% fees from the next year.

Here at this point, both Apple and Google have come forward to support the Dev community with meaningful changes to their policy which was utmost required. No matter how it came but actions like this will help and motivate small developers to make more innovative product and push into the ecosystem. As the clash between the companies still continues, it’s now an interesting thing to observe what else is yet to come? It may not be quite useful for the Epic Games but surely the clash helped many developers out there to sustain in a long run.

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