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Adobe Substance 3D Plugin finally comes to Unity

Take the help of real-time texture updates in-editor during runtime using the new Adobe Substance 3D Plugin in Unity.

For all the artists, switching between different tools typically takes a lot of time and breaks the workflow. This way of inefficient working goes on until there’s a cross-connection between applications. With that being said, there’s a piece of good news for all the artists working in Unity Engine, the very well-known and extensively used software for realistic texture creation, Adobe Substance 3D plugin finally comes to Unity. With this great implementation, artists can directly tweak the exposed parameters inside the Unity inspector without getting to a different window. It allows making changes to the textures in real-time inside the editor. Such parametric materials can be created using Substance Designer, which supports Unity Standard and Specular workflows, or fetched directly from the Substance 3D assets and Community assets library.

The Adobe Substance 3D Plugin for Unity is entirely free to use and can be installed directly from the Asset Store on any project running on Unity 2020 LTS or newer. Users need to load SBSAR files to Unity through the plugin, which would allow getting all the previously exposed parameters of the materials set.

For more information and tutorial, check the Official Unity Blog.

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