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Advantages of Using Pinterest for Game Development

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Explore the advantages of using Pinterest for Game Development.

Effective Communication is one of the most crucial skills to succeed in any given field. In today's date, clear and effective communication is the key to achieve greater heights with a positive outcome. And the easiest and effective way of conveying things to anyone is Visual Communication. It not just helps to evoke emotions in your audience but also emphasizes the message strongly creating an impactful impression. With that being said, Pinterest comes first to deliver such a deep connection with a huge library of great ideas. It’s a Digital Scrapbook full of great ideas from the people all around the world sharing and communicating with visuals.

Founded back in 2010, Pinterest has emerged to be the fastest-growing social platform that primarily allows users to pin their ideas in terms of the “Board” concept. This is however a bit different from other social platforms out there but stands out to be the most impactful and unique place to discover new great things.

With that quick introduction to the most well-known platform, let's dive deeper and explore how Pinterest could help Game Developers to succeed in making great games.

Innovative Ideas

Not just for the Artists, but also for the Game Developers, it’s a great place to explore a variety of ideas from a huge library of different concepts. Game Developers can build up a quick prototype from the collections while exploring the enormous possibilities for any particular thing. However, Pinterest could be the first place to gather some useful resources to start development quickly and far more easily. Being the source of inspiration for years, Pinterest is undoubtedly the favorite gallery for creative minds.

Targeted Interest

One of the most beautiful and life-saving tactics of every social platform is “Targeted Interest”, which means you will get to see the things that you want to see, pretty much relatable and connected with, what you search and what you are looking for. This is well handled by Pinterest by sorting out the most relevant boards to showcase which in turn makes you more interested to dive deeper. This never-ending process of relevant suggestions and a huge collection of great ideas will eventually end up fulfilling your list.

Extremely High User Engagement

With a 320 Million+ active users monthly, Pinterest has become home not only for the businesses but also for the one who wants to showcase something unique and creative. Alternatively, this could help the Game Developers to showcase their content to the whole world with appealing visuals and turn the audience into base users for their game.

Traffic and inbound Links

As Pinterest witnesses, millions of users per day, the chances of getting viewed is pretty higher than any other platform. As most of the game is played based on visuals, the more appealing, and unique the graphics is, the more you are likely to get the users. Pinterest could potentially help Game Developers to boost up their current users and drive decent organic traffic towards their product. As Pinterest supports Inbound Links for every post, Game Developers can use this as a great way to market their game and their site to showcase their work. However, spamming is never a good option so promoting the content on an optimal level is accepted.

Conversion Rate

It’s quite common among the Pinterest Users that the Conversion rate from a browser to a buyer is intensively higher. As the platform reduces the steps from the discovery to the conversion, it makes everything simpler to get direct contact with the desired parties. The organic traffic from the source and the targeted audience will eventually end up buying the product no matter what. A leading point for the Game Developers to showcase and market their Game uniquely while leading the users to try out the game at least once.

Online Reference Catalogue

Along with getting awesome references for your projects you can also use Pinterest as a catalog for the captured or assembled references or artwork you’ve created on your own. This is an amazing way to streamline the reference library experience and find all the references you need at one cozy corner on the internet. In the process, you can also help out other designers who could find your artworks and get inspired form that too. Afterall Pinterest is a Social Media site too.

So here was a brief description, how Pinterest could help Game Developers succeed in making games where we discussed the advantages and the possibilities for the Game Developers to excel in their expertise.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

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