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6 Free DAWs to get your Music Career started

Here is a list of 6 Free Daws to get your Music Career started.

After covering “7 Industry Standard DAWs for Music Productions”, here is a list of the FREE Industry Standard Digital Audio Workstations or DAWs for Music Production.

Cakewalk by Bandlab

This is a Very Popular DAW among many users. It was a Paid DAW named Sonar Platinum before it became Free. This DAW has no limitations and is very feature-rich.

Tracktion T7

This is also a powerful DAW and was also a paid software until Tracktion released it for free in late 2018. This DAW also has a decent amount of plugins but for more versatile use one might consider using some 3rd Party plugins. The user interface is very friendly for new users as everything is one screen

Check out Tracktion T7.


This DAW is not technically free but you can use the demo version and you can use it as long as you like. The only limitation is that there is a slight delay in loading and running the Demo version which doesn’t affect the music at all and this lagging issue can be easily solved by buying the licensed version which is at a reasonable price of just $60. It is also a great alternative to ProTools.

Find out more about Reaper.


This DAW is a lot like FL Studio. This software is really easy to use and the only limitation is that it cannot record Audio. In order to record audio, you might have to use other audio recording software like Audacity. LMMS might include this feature in future updates. To gain more versatility you might also consider other free 3rd party plugins.



The User-interface of this DAW is totally based on simplicity as it is really easy to use. This is a feature-rich software. The Ritmix drum plugin in this DAW is the biggest highlights as it is the best Free Drum Plugin out there.

Find about more about SoundBridge.

Magix Music Maker

This DAW is really great for newcomers in the Audio Production department as it really helps it’s users to learn effective ways of audio production. The virtual instruments that this DAW comes with sounds really Full and close to Real. The only limitation is that you cannot add 3rd party plug-ins until you’ve upgraded to a paid version of this software which will also add some more additional features to help your production skills.

Now just don't wait, get your Music Career started with these awesome Free DAWs.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming

**VOiD1 Gaming is not sponsored by any of the above Companies. This list is in no particular order and preference of the software is solely dependent on the user interest. All trademarks appearing in this list are registered trademarks of the respective companies.**



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