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#ThankYouBrackeys !!

Thanks Brackeys for Making the Indie Game Development Community such an amazing place.

End of an era – This is exactly how we would summarize the events that unfolded as Brackeys posted the last video on their YouTube channel named, “GOODBYE – And thanks for everything!”.

According to the Last Video, the Brackeys team wants to move on to new things. After 8 Years of Game Development Tutorials which inspired so many budding Indie Developers the closing of the Channel comes as a shock. As Asbjørn Thirslund, the Founder of Brackeys said he wants to take a break from the Game Development scenario and check out all the amazing new stuff there is to try and spend more time with the family, and we definitely that choice. Brackeys, being such an amazing community, will keep the community events and interactions like Discord and Game jams running to keep the Community going. All the videos already available on the Brackeys YouTube Channel will not be taken down and will be available for everyone to watch.

Asbjørn also stated, “Will there ever be new videos again? Who knows?”. Well, we hope that day comes soon!!

What can we say....So many developers, including us, were introduced to the Game Development scenario and learnt to enjoy the process because of Brackeys and the accessible videos posted on their YouTube channel will always be a source of inspiration for the upcoming generations too. We’ll be hoping for you to return and all the best for your future endeavors.

With Love From VOiD1 Gaming



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