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Outdoor Ground - Free PBR Materials

Need photo-realistic PBR Ground Materials for your game scenes? Here are 4 common tileable ground materials for use in vast scenarios in your game. The materials include Asphalt and Concrete variations.

1K PBR Metallic Roughness Materials are available for free!! For even more detail you can grab the 4K PBR MetallicRoughness/SpecularGlossiness Workflow materials along with the SBSAR files for $10!!

List of Materials Provided - 

  • Asphalt (Clean)

  • Concrete Ground (Mossy)

  • Concrete Ground (Weathered)

  • Concrete Ground (Worn)

Technical Details - 

  • PBR Metallic-Roughness and PBR Specular Glossiness Maps

  • 1024px and 4098px Texture Sizes

  • SBSAR Files

Being Scanned from real-life Grounds, these materials provide an ultra-realistic look while adhering to the physically correct PBR workflow. All the provided Texture Files have 4098x4098 resolution variants, maintaining the crispest details.

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Outdoor Ground - Free PBR Materials

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