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Lost in Space

Intruders are crawling inside your Spaceship. Your mission is on the verge of being jeopardized. icing on the cake? Your spacesuit is broken!! What will you do in such a heart-clenching situation??

Survive through exaggeration situations by solving the technical issues in your Spaceship and kill off the intruders in the process as you fly your way back to the headquarters. Take note of your oxygen levels as there are none to be found in the torturous darkness of space. Survive through all odds and prevent the mission from failing. It all depends on you and you depend on your faulty suit. So, use your thrusters wisely and wreak havoc on the intruders before they wreak havoc on you!!

🏡This game is made during the Quarantine in 7 days for you to enjoy with your family while at home.🏡

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