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Computer Ports Kitbash Set

Are you making Computer-related or 3D Assets for your games? Here are 12 of the most crucial computer ports for Kitbashing into your models for adding that extra bit of realism. You can add these ports to your models and make them more grounded in reality.

P.S. These models are meant for Kitbashing and are not optimized for games and are just base meshes without textures. You can use them to iterate on ideas before optimizing them for the final model for your game.

Included Items

  • FBX Model

Technical Details -

  • 35,290 Polygons, 74,478 Tris*

  • 38,400 Vertices*

  • Formats available - FBX

  • Not UV Mapped


*For all the 12 Models cumulatively.

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Free Computer Ports Kitbash Set

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