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FREE Basic Material Pack for Unity URP

Starting up a new project and everything just looks boring with the same old Gray Material? Look no further, here are 15 FREE Basic Materials for Unity URP to get your Project the initial bling, and more. Made with the Default Unity URP Shader Graph, you don't need any external plugins or assets to get started. The Materials are physically accurate with precise physical values like IOR, Roughness, etc.

List of Materials -

  • Simple Aluminium

  • Simple Chromium

  • Simple Gold

  • Simple Iron

  • Simple Matte Plastic Blue

  • Simple Matte Plastic Green

  • Simple Matte Plastic Red

  • Simple Mercury

  • Simple Platinum

  • Simple Shiny Plastic Blue

  • Simple Shiny Plastic Green

  • Simple Shiny Plastic Red

  • Simple SIlver

  • Simple Titanium

  • Simple Zinc

Get it now at

FREE Basic Material Pack for Unity URP

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