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Free Acoustic Foam - PBR Material

Acoustic Foam panels are essential for a proper Music Studio/Gaming Room setup and so are they for your in-game scenes depicting a Gaming Room!! Here are 2 of the most common types of Acoustic Foam Panel materials with fully PBR workflow for an ultra-realistic look in your game scenes.

The textures provided in this asset pack are 1024px in resolution.

🎉Stay tuned for the Pro pack coming out next week with loads of new Acoustic Foam types, 4K Textures, and SBSAR files with full procedural controls for unparalleled customization.

☝BEST PART? It's FREE for PATRONS this entire MONTH from the date of release!!

List of Materials Provided - 

  • Wedge Type Acoustic Foam

  • Beveled Square Type Acoustic Foam

Technical Details - 

  • PBR Metallic-Roughness Maps

  • 1024px  Texture Sizes

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Free Acoustic Foam - Procedural PBR Material

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