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Free Hypercasual Starter Pack - Square.jpg

The Hypercasual genre is renowned for its captivating gameplay, straightforward yet addictive mechanics, and notably swift production timelines. Rather than starting from square one, our 3D Hypercasual Starter Packs offer a shortcut to enhance your production process, enabling you to prioritize the quintessential aspect of a Hypercasual Game: its entertainment value!

We plan to continually add new Expansion packs of various mechanics that help you diversify your Hypercasual Games and accelerate your production times. The Expansion Packs to be provided will be helpful for both beginners and intermediate users alike, which will take the crunch away from game development and will also provide a great learning experience for anyone dipping their toes into the world of Hypercasual Game Development.

💡Suggestions Accepted💡 Another great thing about this project is that you can suggest any new 3D Hypercasual assets that you require and we'll make sure to add them in the future via expansion packs.

Also, any feedback you provide will be helpful to the community, so feel free to add your comments to the discussion boards. Hope you make amazing games with our 3D Hypercasual Game Starter Packs.

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Free 3D Hypercasual Game Starter Packs

Free Hypercasual Starter Pack - Square.jpg

1. 3D Tower Shooter

A Tower Shooter Starter Pack with Cannon, Cannonball, Rings, etc. to get you started!!

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