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Free 3D Assets Collection

Free 3D Assets Collection is a regularly updated collection of 3D Assets that you can use for both commercial and non-commercial projects. This project started out as a way to provide Game Artists and Developers from around the world to get access to Free common and uncommon 3D content for use in their games hassle-free. Each asset you find here has been meticulously created, Optimized, and Tested so that you can use the assets without any further tweaks, but all the original files are also provided for even more customization if you wish to do so. We are going to add content on a regular basis, so you can expect this asset to grow into a much larger collection for use in your 3D games.

💡Suggestions Accepted💡
Another great thing about this project is that you can suggest any new 3D assets that you require, and we'll make sure to add them in the future and will provide any expansion packs for the 3D assets that'd make a great collection together.

Also, any feedback you provide will be helpful to the community, so feel free to add your comments to the discussion boards. Hope you make amazing games with the Free 3D Assets Collection.

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Free 3D Assets Collection

Measuring Tape Square.jpg

35. Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape, as a prop in a warehouse scene? Who would've thought of that 😉.

Main Edits.jpg

32. Ceramic Capacitor

Every Electronics scene needs capacitors, period!! Here's an Ceramic Capacitor.

Leaf Atlas - PBR Material

29. Leaf Atlas - PBR Material

Leaves Atlas with both front and rear sides for extensive variations. Make your Games Scenes greener!!

Stylized Barbells

26. Stylized Barbell

Stylized 3D Barbell Model for populating your 3D Gym scenes!!

Stylized Tree

23. Stylized Tree

A Stylized Tree 3D Model for your Stylized Games, as simple as that!!

Stylized Wall Clock

20. Stylized Wall Clock

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock!! Give your players the rush of time with this Free Stylized Wall Clock 3D Model. 

Gold Bricks

17. Gold Bricks

Grab this Free Gold Brick 3D Model and make your in-game Vaults Shine with unparalleled wealth

Marshalling Wands

14. Marshalling Wand

Help your Players Taxi your 3D Airplanes with these Free Marshalling Wand 3D Models

Stylized Chair

11. Stylized Chair

Making a Stylized 3D Office Scene?? Here's a FREE Stylized 3D Office Chair to help you with your Stylized Office Scene


8. Crowbar

Gaming's Greatest Melee Weapon, Gordon Freeman's Crowbar. Free Crowbar 3D Model to Bludgeon pesky aliens and zombies to death

Nuclear Bomb

5. Nuclear Bomb

Have a Blast!! If you wanted to add some heavy artillery to your games we've got you the apex predator - The Nuke. 

Candy Cane

2. Candy Cane

Decorate the Virtual World too!! With Christmas approaching soon here's a Candy Cane model for you to add the Holiday Vibe to your Game Scenes.

Square Icon.jpg

34. Rounded Dice

Use these extremely realistic Rounded Dice in your game projects and add that rustic mystery to your game scenes!!

Square Thumbnail.jpg

31. Stylized Speaker

Stylized Speakers with 3 LOD levels for all your minimalistic Game/Music Room scenes.

Stylized Brick Wall

28. Stylized Brick Wall PBR

Stylized Brick Wall PBR Material for all your Game Scenes requiring Stylized Brick Wall Textures!!

Concrete Ground PBR

25. Concrete Ground PBR

Weathered Concrete Ground Scanned PBR Material for all your environment texturing needs!!

Covered Car

22. Covered Car

A Free Covered Car 3D Model for your Virtual Showrooms.

Stylized Snowman 3d

19. Stylized Snowman

Merry Christmas!! Here's a Free Stylized Snowman 3D Model as a gift from us. Enjoy the holidays!!

Stylized Megaphones

16. Stylized Megaphone

Here's a Free Stylized Megaphone 3D Model for giving them the perfect way to get their voice across!!

Baseball Bat

13. Baseball Bat

Grab this Fully Realistic Baseball Bat for your Games and Let your Players hit that Home Run with ease!!

Stylized Shotgun

10. Stylized Shotgun

Are you in need of some Pump Action Shotguns?? Here's a Free Stylized Shotgun Model to help you!!


7. Shuriken

Shurikens. Ninja Stars. Throwing Stars. It goes by many names, but it has just one job - Strike the Opponent with extreme Precision!!

Wooden Bucket

4. Wooden Bucket

Want a Game Ready realistic Wooden Bucket for your scenes?? We've got you covered. Get the Fully PBR Model now!!

Car Headlamp

1. Car Headlamp

A Car Headlamp based on real-world designs. Fully UVed and with PBR Textures for Unity, Unreal and default MetallicRoughness workflow.


33. Easter Egg

Happy Easter!! Here's a Free Easter Egg to make your game scene a bit more jolly owing to the festive spirit!!

Stylized Tiled Floor Thumbnail.jpg

30. Stylized Tiled Floor PBR

Stylized Tiled Floor PBR Material for the Game Scenes needing a Tile Floor with stylized graphics.

Stylized Modern Teapot

27. Stylized Modern Teapot

Stylized 3D Modern Teapot model for populating your Kitchen and Cafe Scenes.


24. Clapboard

Articulating Clapboard asset for all your movie related scenes.

Free 8-Ball

21. 8-Ball

Making a Pool Game or Billiards Game and need a realistic Free 8-Ball 3D Model?? We've got you covered!!

Faded Denim - Blue Gray

18. Faded Denim - Blue Gray

Get your hands on the Scanned PBR Texture of one of the most iconic fabrics of all time - Denim!!


15. Surfboard

Want Free 3D Surfboard Models for all your Beach Scenes?? Here's a Free Surfboard Model to zoom past the waves!!

Inception Totem

12. Inception Totem

Who doesn't remember this Iconic Movie Prop!! Inception turns 11 this July so here's an asset we've made to pay or Tribute.

Steampunk Syringe

9. Steampunk Syringe

Steampunk Syringe to treat all of your yesteryear Medical Needs. Fully PBR Textures with Optimized Model.

Free 3D Traffic Cone Models

6. Traffic Cones

Road Safety is Paramount!! So here we bring you FREE 3D Traffic Cone Models for all your virtual Road Safety needs.


3. Plank

Plank from the awesome Ed, Edd n Eddy cartoon series!! This is him now, feel old yet? LOL!! Plank is buffed up with realistic PBR Graphics in this rendition.

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