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Free 3D Assets Collection is a regularly updated collection of 3D Assets that you can use for both commercial and non-commercial projects. This project started out as a way to provide Game Artists and Developers from around the world to get access to Free common and uncommon 3D content for use in their games hassle-free. Each asset you find here has been meticulously Created, Optimized, and Tested so that you can use the assets without any further tweaks but all the original files are also provided for even more customization if you wish to do so. We are going to add content on a regular basis so you can expect this asset to grow into a much larger collection for use in your 3D games.


💡Suggestions Accepted💡
Another great thing about this project is that you can suggest any new 3D assets that you require and we'll make sure to add them in the future and will provide any expansion packs for the 3D assets that'd make a great collection together.


Also, any feedback you provide will be helpful to the community, so feel free to add your comments to the discussion boards. Hope you make amazing games with the Free 3D Assets Collection.


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Free 3D Assets Collection

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1. Car Headlamp

A Car Headlamp based on real-world designs. Fully UVed and with PBR Textures for Unity, Unreal and default MetallicRoughness workflow.

Candy Cane Main 2 Edit.png

2. Candy Cane

Decorate the Virtual World too!! With Christmas approaching soon here's a Candy Cane model for you to add the Holiday Vibe to your Game Scenes.


3. Plank

Plank from the awesome Ed, Edd n Eddy cartoon series!! This is him now, feel old yet? LOL!! Plank is buffed up with realistic PBR Graphics in this rendition.