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Searching for Premium Electronic Components 3D Models to pack your game scenes? Maybe you want to populate your in-game PCBs with real-world components or maybe you want to add some mechanics in your game involving various electronic parts. We've got you covered with 25 of the most common electronic parts to add to your scenes.

All the assets are made in reference to their real-world counterparts and their scale and materials are taken from real-world references for optimum realism along with PBR Materials for that Physically Accurate look.

Wanna try before you buy? Heres the Free Electronic Kitbash Set with 4 Electronic Components.

Electrical Components included -

  • 8-Way Dip Switch

  • AA Battery

  • AAA Battery

  • Bipolar Capacitor

  • Bipolar Ceramic Capacitor

  • Ceramic Capacitor

  • CMOS Battery

  • D Battery

  • Electrolytic Capacitor

  • Heatsinks (3X)

  • Integrated Circuits (2X)

  • Microchip K198HT1A

  • Microswitch

  • Mylar Capacitor

  • Polyester Capacitor

  • Resistor

  • Single Phase Rectifier

  • SMDs (3X)

  • Tantalum Capacitor

  • Transistor

Included Items -

  • PBR Textured Blender File for the Asset

  • FBX Model

  • PBR Textures for PBR MetallicRoughness, UE4 (Packed), Unity HDRP, and Unity URP

Technical Details - 

  • 5,073 Polygons, 11,536 Tris*

  • 6,648 Vertices*

  • Formats available - FBX, .Blend

  • UV Mapped

  • Non-Overlapping UVs

  • PBR Textures

  • 4096px Texture sizes available for all the exports

*For all 25 Models Cumulatively

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Electronic Parts Kitbash Set PRO

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