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Props are extremely essential for enhancing the game scenes and making them even more realistic. Here's a set of 40 Clay Dinnerware  Props for populating your scenes and adding more charm to the overall feel of the game. There are ten individual models with 4 different PBR texture variations that provide professional-feeling environments instantly.

Utmost care has been taken about the optimization of the asset for usage, both in mobile and PC games, with little to no loss in quality. The PBR texture maps include Base Color/Albedo, Height, Metallic_Smoothness, AO, and Normal which provide a great deal of detail to the models and make them feel rich and realistic.  The Assets are in accordance with the real-world scale and product dimensions providing errorless integration in scenes with a real-world scale.

Included Items -

  • 1x  Flat Sided 2.5" Coffee Mug

  • 1x Flat Sided 2.5" Tall Coffee Mug

  • 1x Flat Sided 2.5" Tumbler

  • 1x Flat Sided 2.5" Condiment Bowl

  • 1x Flat Sided 3.75" Medium Bowl

  • 1x Flat-Sided 8.0" Serving Bowl

  • 1x Flat Sided 6.0" Bread Plate

  • 1x Flat Sided 8.0" Salad Plate

  • 1x Flat 10.75" Dinner Plate

  • 1x Flat 10.75" Serving Plate

  • 400 Texture Files (5 Texture Maps per Asset with 4 Variations of each asset)

  • 1024px and 2048px Texture Maps available

  • Unity Scene for Easy Drag-and-Drop integration

Technical Details - 

  • 6,800  polygons for 10 assets

  • 3416 Vertices

  • Formats Available - FBX, Unity

  • UV Mapped

  • Non-Overlapping UVs

  • PBR Textures

  • 1K and 2K Textures Maps available

  • Normal Map Format - OpenGL

  • Provided Unity Scene Optimized for Unity URP 

🎉 Stay Tuned for the Earthenware Vol 1 PRO which comes with even more model and texture variations along with the procedurally generated textures and Substance Designer (.sbsar and .sbs) files for infinite Tweaking. Also, get the Blender File (.blend) and The Substance Painter Files for further customizations.

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