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Here are 13 FREE PBR 3D Models as a holiday gift from us to decorate your games in the Holiday Spirit!! Get Awesome Christmas Themed 3D Models and Textures along with amazing Procedural PBR Textures to add warmth and liveliness to your Game scenes. With custom-built fully procedural PBR textures and optimizations for game scenes, we left out no avenues to provide this as polished as possible. All the Assets are curated for Game Development and are fully optimized for all kinds of games....

Included Items -

  • PBR Textured Blender File for the Asset

  • 1 FBX  file with 13 Models

  • PBR Textures for PBR MetallicRoughness, UE4 (Packed), Unity HDRP, and Unity URP

Technical Details - 

  • Individual Polygon and Triangle count details in the sample images

  • Formats available - FBX, .spp, .sbsar, .sbs, .Blend

  • UV Mapped

  • Non-Overlapping or Optimized UVs

  • PBR Textures

  • 3 Procedural Substance Materials (.sbs, and .sbsar)

  • Total of  160 Texture Files

  • 512px, 1024px, 2048px, and 4096px Texture sizes available for all the exports

Get it now at

Christmas Decorations Pack

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